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Levantina Presents Innovative Surfaces

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Levantina presents its innovative surfaces for architecture at Architect@Work London


Europe’s leading event for industry audiences acts as a framework for presenting the most innovative products in the fields of design and construction.

Levantina, an international company based in Alicante (Spain) and a paceset-ter in the Natural Stone sector, returns to this year’s Architect@Work in London, an innovative exhibition concept that brings together a large number of architects and interior designers to learn first-hand about the latest innovations in construc-tion materials.

For years London has been one of the main global hubs for architecture, home to leading architecture firms that de-sign and prescribe architecture projects worldwide. This is why Architect@Work in the British capital is so important: the large number of industry professionals that gather there.

Levantina is part of the select group of participating companies that are pre-senting their latest releases. The Spa-nish company possesses a very extensive portfolio of decorative solutions in mar-ble, granite and porcelain. One of its new products is Crema Marfil Coto® Tile, in which highly-regarded cream marble ex-tracted from one of their quarries in the province of Alicante reaches its highest expression through an innovative 91×61 cm format and a minimum thickness of 1.2 cm. Thanks to its size, this Natu-ral Stone tile can be installed directly on the existing surface without the need for building works, making it an ideal natural product for reforms and renovations.

Levantina also presents its new product and design innovation: Techlam® Blaze Dark, a 3×1-m porcelain panel with a stunning appearance decorated in dark hues. Techlam® Blaze Dark brings a very special nuance to the most glamorous spaces. Its black colour with soft worn details, direct-ly inspired in classic industrial-style ma-terials (aged leather, polished concrete, etc.), creates magnificent floors that en-hance the furniture from any era or style.

Levantina completes its collection of pro-ducts with a wide range of natural stones. The company has succeeded in renewing and updating a legendary material with exceptional qualities that place it at the cutting edge of the highest decorative re-quirements. The collection is made up of over 200 products spanning marble, gra-nite, limestone and sandstone, slate and travertine, all elegant and sophisticated. For lovers of innovation, Levantina offers its Techlam® porcelain surface in a broad range of colours.
With this participation, Levantina consol-idates its position as a leading company in the supply of decorative surfaces for the construction of large projects. In the United Kingdom, notable projects include the extension of the Royal Opera House in London or the Chelsea Waterfront resi-dences.


About Levantina:
Levantina is a world leader in extracting, transforming and selling Natural Stone. The international company, founded in 1959, possesses the world’s largest deposit of Crema Marfil marble, located in the province of Alicante. It currently possesses numerous quarries, 7 factories and 20 own distribution warehouses. Its portfolio contains over 200 different materials, notable among which are Spanish marbles and Brazilian granites. It exports to over 114 countries across the European Union, America, the Middle East and Asia.
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