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Based in St Peter Port, Harbour View Construction (HVC) is a building and civil engineering specialist, delivering an enviable collection of projects throughout the Channel Islands and beyond. Over the last decade, HVC has been involved with various high profile projects ranging from the New Clinical Block at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital Phase to their own bespoke residential developments.

Most recently, HVC has been involved in two significant schemes: A New Bio-Diesel Plant (Stanlow Phase II) and Talbot Mews. Stanlow Phase II is taking place off-island, in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, while Talbot Mews has just finished construction in Guernsey.

The Stanlow project is a new £35 million scheme, designed to install a biodiesel plant at Ellesmere Port. The facility – initiated by Argent Energy (UK) Limited and their parent company Swire – has been designed to convert waste fats, oils and grease into renewable fuels.

Speaking to Premier Construction about the project, HVC Managing Director, Mark Farey, said:

“We’ve been involved in this project in the capacity of the Engineer and Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) contractor. We are essentially the principle contractor to oversee the construction works on a fast-track programme.

“This project was a 12-month build, followed by a four to five month commissioning period, which is what we are in now. We commenced in January 2016, with circa 1400 piles driven into the ground, which is adjacent to the River Mersey.”

HVC is involved with Phase II of the project. Phase I concentrated on the pre-production plan.

Work is currently taking place on the installation of drainage and infrastructure, along with all internal commissioning work. The programme has been demanding, but it remains on track.

Mark commented:

“The key to this project has been coordination and engaging with the technology providers. It was a challenge to complete the build within a year, but it went very well.”

Mark added:

“Guernsey has gone through a bit of a construction drought over the last few year – the island has been fairly quiet – so to be involved with a project like this in Cheshire has been very important for us. It is a prestigious and a very interesting project for us – it is different to some of our other work and we look forward to delivering this phase successfully.”

As work continues on Stanlow Phase II, HVC has just tied up the finishing touches on Talbot Mews – a fascinating project, which has been underway a little closer to home. Talbot Mews is a housing development, comprising three properties all created as part of Guernsey’s new Island Plan.


Speaking to Premier Construction about Talbot Mews, Project Manager, Shaun Sale, said:

“Over the last couple of years, planning has changed quite dramatically in Guernsey and people with large rear gardens are being encouraged to allow for BLDs – Back Land Developments.

“Many existing properties have been on the island for 100 years and as such, they have acres of land. BLDs are designed to occupy this land thus easing the housing situation in Guernsey. Talbot Mews is part of the grand planning scheme.”

In order to create Talbot Mews, HVC intricately and safely demolished a section of an existing property off Brock Road in St. Sampson, to create an entrance way to the new development. The remainder of the existing property was then extended in a new direction, replacing what was taken away.

Shaun said:

“Once we opened up an access point we then started work on the three new properties in this area. Each three-bedroom house was constructed using traditional methods, utilising 50% brickwork and 50% render as the external finish. As a rule brickwork is not widely used in Guernsey so these properties offer something a little different.

“Once construction work was complete, we fitted each unit out with ‘HVC’ specification finishes – something we do for all our projects. We have a standard code for all our internal areas, from doors to skirting and this ensures all our usual refinements are installed internally, while the external façade can offer something a little different. We are very pleased with the end product.”

Stanlow Phase Two and Talbot Mews are just two examples of the varied projects that HVC is tackling on a regular basis. The projects not only showcase the level of expertise on display at HVC, but also highlight Mark and Shaun’s commitment to excellence.

Shaun said:

“The feedback we receive from agents and homeowners is fantastic and demonstrates the high quality of the work we can achieve.

“We have a very thorough system of work – getting the job done properly to ensure all projects are delivered professionally and to the highest quality.”

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