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Andi Oliver – Chef, musician and TV personality – has opened a new restaurant in Stoke Newington. Andi’s is the Great British Menu judge’s debut restaurant launched with long-term business partner Kelly Miles.

Previously, Andi and Kelly have had success with their residency at the Jackdaw & Star in Homerton. Sugar Shack was responsible for the gastropub’s menu for the last two and half years to the delight of all who have dined there.

The restaurant, which is set over 110m2, will serve delicious brunches throughout the day and in the evening will be transformed into a cosy brasserie perfect for an intimate dinner. “The core feeling of the restaurant is emotional warmth,” commented Deborah Armstrong, CEO of Strong & Co and Lead Designer on the project, “a sense of being part of a family, a place where everyone will feel very comfortable and even meet new friends.”

Andi’s consists of a downstairs prep kitchen, an upstairs kitchen and bar as well as a main dining area, private dining space and garden.

A colour palette made of fresh and bold colours is used to create a space that is warm and vibrant. “We chose a paint palette based on a gorgeous Rothko painting with warm creams, golds, pinks and reds for the main space,” added Deborah. As diners move throughout the space the colour palette darkens in the more intimate nooks, creating ideal spaces for those seeking a more private place to sit.

“We’ve used lots of plants and flowers, both inside and out, to help the energy of the place feel fresh and characterful. There’s a feature wall with wallpaper from Little Greene which has ornate birds and foliage,” commented Deborah.

The menu for the restaurant is a delightful mix of light brunch dishes and larger dishes for evening meals. From a French Toast Bacon Sandwich sticky with maple syrup to Andi’s Reuben, which is loaded with home-cured salt beef, sauerkraut and dripping with melted Swiss cheese – also available as a Vegan option. There is something for everyone.

Variations on classic dishes such as these make the all-day dining restaurant a treat that fits perfectly in its location of Church St, Stoke Newington. One of the more interesting menu items is the ‘Energy Bowl’ which is a healthier alternative to traditional brunch. Packed with braised pulses, crisp green leaves and roast seasonal vegetables, guests can choose from tahini & maple dressing, pomegranate or traditional vinaigrette all topped with avocado mash.

Along with the lovely interior, diners can sit back and relax in the restaurant’s courtyard. “The Garden is set to be a magical secret courtyard. Along with the already existing Wisteria, we’ve had an artist decorate the flagstones and we’ve added lighting features as well as pergola,” added Deborah.

“The fundamental aesthetic vision is about loveliness, gorgeous colour, detail and warmth. There is however, as always, a business sense to be balanced with the creative and I consciously offered colours that encourage the appetite in the main space. We also kept costs down by working primarily with high-pigment pain, wallpaper glass and planting.”

Open from 10am to 11pm every day, the restaurant is an ideal stop to relax with good food and an even better atmosphere. Along with an array of other restaurants in the area, Andi’s is a home away from home.

Strong and Co work with a range of clients from private individuals to leading music, media and entertainment brands, creative advertising and PR agencies, music bands, charities and arts organisations. They are committed to creativity, quality and innovation which projects such as experiential events, creative regeneration and artistic commissioning.

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Strong & Co

Founded in 2006, Strong & Co specialise in the creation and installation of bespoke experiential events for the hospitality, leisure and media industries. The company tailor-makes meaningful and unforgettable experiences, all designed to capture the imagination, and counts Channel 4, The Guardian, Twitter, Warner Bros and YouTube, amongst its ever-expanding list of clients.

Strong & Co’s experiences range in scope and size, from one-off installations and Twitter treasure hunts, to frighteningly fun experiences which recreate key scenes from movies. Recent projects have included The Conjuring 2: Live Experience and The Beano Experience.

Strong & Co Company Director, Deborah Armstrong, said:

“All our experiences are created from scratch. At the beginning of each project, we speak to our client to gage who their audience is and what they are aiming to achieve and then we create a narrative and find a venue. When we worked on the Beano event, we recreated a cartoon world complete with splatter laboratory and bedroom all centred around Dennis the Menace.”

Most recently, Strong & Co were appointed as the lead designer on Andi Oliver’s new restaurant – Andi’s. Strong & Co brought colour and character to the restaurant, to turn Andi Oliver’s dream into a reality.

Deborah said:

“Andi is a dear friend of mine, so my main job was to make Andi very happy. However, from a personal point of view, I only live around the corner from Andi’s, so I was also creating the perfect place for me to enjoy too.”

Deborah added:

“At Strong & Co, we are good at balancing the creative elements of a project with the commercial needs of the business. We bring projects in on time and on budget and most important of all we are really lovely to work with.”

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