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Jetex VIP Jet Lounge

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Jetex VIP Jet Lounge

Bluehaus Group and Bluehaus Engineering, in partnership with 3SixtyPM and BW Interiors, have recently delivered Jetex Private Jet Lounge at Al Maktoum Airport in the Dubai World Central area of Dubai, UAE.

Speaking to Premier Construction magazine about the project, Bluehaus Group Associate Director Dragana Cemalovic Ndedu said: “The brief given to BHG was quite loose; in fact, it just listed basic planning requirements. The focus was on creating something completely different. As part of the VIP terminal, Jetex has developed 2 lounges next to each other with the same planning requirements.  Since the first completed lounge was done by a different company, BHG has taken the opportunity to do something completely different in the lounge next door.”

The VIP lounge conveys relaxed luxuriousness with plush private seating and brings the outdoors in by using a mixture of biophilic design and monumental organic freestanding structures.

Dragana added: “The intent was to create a unique experience.  It was important to understand what this experience needed to be for the private jet passengers before they departed. The design was inspired by the environment we live in, and an understanding of a luxury in desert context. The answer was an oasis within that landscape of a dessert. By using natural materials, colours and shapes we have created a different approach to typical VIP lounges, an element of surprise for private jet passengers. The pods are envisioned as the place where Jetex clients can stop briefly, gather their thoughts and get excited about an upcoming journey while waiting to board on to the plane. ”


Jetex is a global leader in executive aviation and is recognised for delivering flexible, best in-class trip support solutions to customers worldwide. The company caters to an elite clientele including owners and operators of business jets for corporate, commercial and personal air travel.

The Jetex VIP Lounge project has recently been shortlisted for a 2017 SBID award and has been shortlisted in the category of ‘Public Space.’ Winners of the 2017 SBID awards will be announced at a special ceremony at The Dorchester Hotel in London on Friday 27 October.

Commenting on the shortlisting of the award for the Jetex VIP Lounge, Dragana said: “BHG being shortlisted in international competition is quite exciting news. This is the first time we have tried for an international award. The feeling is familiar as we have been shortlisted and have won a number of awards in the UAE, but this is the first time we have submitted to something outside of the UAE. To be shortlisted is thrilling because here, we know our competition and their strengths but on an international level, it is nice to see that we are shoulder to shoulder with the big guys.”

Despite the success of the project, there were challenges in convincing Jetex that this was the right way to go with the design.

“The biggest challenge was convincing the client to take these bold steps, create something so different and accept the different perspective on luxury,” said Dragana. “Most of the time an understanding of luxury calls for expensive finishes and high end furniture, but we have identified a different form of luxury which is living in unity with nature.”

Despite initial reservations, Jetex are pleased with the outcome.

Dragana concluded: “I think we have succeeded. The client is happy, it looks different and it really draws people’s attention.

“It has been a great experience for me, especially seeing the success of my team delivering the project. It was a great collaboration between our team internally and with the client that has resulted with something that is quite special.”


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