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Cedar White Bradley

Cedar White Bradley
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Cedar White Bradley Office Space

A major overhaul of an office space in Dubai to create a workplace that incorporates the principles of Feng Shui for positive energy has been unveiled. The space, occupied by regional legal services consultancy Cedar White Bradley (CWB), covers the entire 47th floor of the Burj Al Salam Tower.

Across 1,125m2 the workplace now incorporates a reception area, large café/canteen and multifunctional breakout areas. Utilising a contemporary style, each space is distinguished by its design. Wanders Wagner Architects was responsible for the new creation and Isabelle Ernst, Architect at the firm, spoke to Premier Construction about the new look:

“We are a relatively small boutique architecture and design company in Dubai. Our main business is normally luxury villas. However, to constantly develop our skills, we are open to new challenges and happy to work on fit out projects like this with a relatively short construction time line and therefore faster to achieve result. In terms of a brief, the client came to us and defined most of the areas according to what requirements they had for the workspace. For the design though they were not as particular and gave us a relatively free hand.

“We had only one other consultant on the project, a Feng Shui expert. The entire design was done in accordance with Feng Shui regulations. For the client it was important that the public spaces be generous, open and flooded with light. He wanted spaces to be flexible so the café, for example, could also be used as an informal meeting place.”

The workspace has been divided into an open area with 26 workstations, 10 closed shared offices, 9 managerial offices as well as several meeting rooms. The Feng Shui aspect of the design can be seen in the lack of hard corners and the prevalence of floating ceiling elements, colour charts and the introduction of water and green features.

Standout areas include the main reception which was planned as the signature space and central hub of the new CWB office. Full height glass partitions between the meeting rooms allow ample daylight to flow into this space while a large green wall gives a unique welcome. The CEO’s suite is centrally located along the exterior façade and includes a dedicated meeting space. Room-to-room partition walls double up as smart storage cabinets.

Large areas of the office have been carpeted for acoustic purposes and all lighting is LED for energy saving purposes. Furniture was carefully chosen with luxury and sophistication in mind to match the prestigious nature of the client.

Isabelle added:

“The client was very happy with the new space and hopefully we will be able to work with them again in the future. We are very grateful to have received industry recognition with the award nomination, especially since it is a well-known award in Dubai and of course because it’s an international competition.”

Founded in 2012, Wanders Wagner Architects is made up of a team of leading international architects, designers and engineers. Together they create and realise sustainable and holistic concepts for residential, commercial and cultural projects. With a deep understanding of the local construction industry, the company has completed a number of high profile projects.

Cedar White Bradley

Pinnacle Interiors LLC

Pinnacle Interiors LLC is a service-oriented company, specialising in architectural space planning and interior design & build in UAE.

The Company has been in operation since 2011 and within this time has been involved with an array of projects within the commercial, retail, healthcare and hospitality sectors.

The Pinnacle team includes consultants, quantity surveyors, estimators, architects and designers, project delivery & site managers and procurement specialists. The team manage the design & build process of a project, from conception to completion; provide comprehensive fit out services that develop a client’s vision; and create the true value, through the creation of high-functioning, visually-appealing work spaces.

Past projects for Pinnacle Interiors LLC have included Smith & Nephew, Givaudan Suisse SA, Stumpf Energy LP, Bapas Bar Restaurant, Camali Clinic, Freshii Restaurant, La Clinnica Estetica, amongst others. Most recently, Pinnacle Interiors LLC has been involved with the Cedar White Bradley, a regional legal services consultancy firm, located on the 47th floor of the Burj Al Salam Tower, Dubai.

Cedar White Bradley is a prestigious office fit-out project for Pinnacle Interiors and another achievement in the growing list of successfully completed projects for the company. The office is built on a floor space of 12,000 sq.ft and is designed on free flowing lines with no hard or abrupt corners; floating ceiling elements to enhance the energy flow.

The office design is a mix of earthly tones, with a feature live-plant wall set upon a floor that mimics carved wood. The breakout pantry is a modern touch of palette of colours, with a minimalist design, reflected in the white long single flowing reception counter which depicts the constant flow of energy.

The construction of the office was somewhat challenging, working with the overall design concept which is primarily based on big, tall open spaces. To achieve this, the ceiling at the reception was raised as high as possible and all the mechanical elements such as the air conditioning units, fire & safety devices were relocated and rerouted.

Mr. Joseph Charles, Managing Director of Pinnacle Interiors LLC, said: “We are extremely proud to be part of this amazing project alongside Wanders Wagner Architects, whose invaluable design input has helped us to shape this amazing office space. We are even happier to know that Cedar White Bradley project is a finalist for an SBID International Design Award 2017, in the category of ‘Office Design’.”

For more information about Pinnacle Interiors LLC, please visit:

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