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Murmur has opened on Brighton’s seafront, creating a ‘special and different’ feel from the conventional beachside restaurant. The restaurant is located in the arches on Brighton’s picturesque coastline on the West Pier.

Owners Michael Bremner and Carla Grassy wanted to vary the newest project from their original restaurant, 64 degrees, from its identity through to its food offering.  This new dining space offers an ‘honest, high quality but informal dining experience’.


The name was chosen to give visitors the true essence of the seaside, as it refers to a murmuration or a swooping display by a flock of Starlings. In addition, the logo’s design reflects the shape of the arches the restaurant occupies.

A relaxed and social vibe will be encouraged by the menu, which will offer visitors breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively throughout the day.

A major challenge the designers had to face was restricted space since the plot only covered 94 square metres. Despite this the designers have managed to house 37 covers inside, with the capacity for a further 40 outside – weather dependent.

Michael Bremner, Great British Menu winner 2017, told Premier Hospitality, “In the past I have visited Australia and California and it frustrated me to see that the restaurants on the beach in those places are far superior to a lot of the offerings we have in the UK.

“There are a couple of cool places on the beach, but I feel Brighton needed somewhere that is relatively affordable, child-friendly and gives diners somewhere to go and relax by the seaside.”

Michael added: “I wanted this project to be totally different. What I did at 64 degrees was just for that moment in time and for this point in my life I think Murmur is necessary. We wanted to create something that may be otherwise lacking – in Brighton there are so many great offerings and we wanted to do something a little bit different, which is not always easy.

“We’ve aimed for a healthy and sustainable menu, all the food that we serve is well sourced and we are trying to execute our service to a very good standard at a relatively affordable price for people.

“It takes a lot to change peoples’ expectations of what’s on the beach food-wise so I hope people embrace what we’re trying to do here.”

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