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Bilska de Beaupuy Indoor Outdoor Bathroom

Bilska de Beaupuy
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Bilska de Beaupuy – Indoor Outdoor Bathroom

Bringing the outside in – with style

A nature orientated interior project – which embraces the concept of bringing the outdoors, in – is amongst the finalists for a ‘KBB Design Award’ at this year’s SBID Awards 2017. The project – carried out by architectural practice, Bilska de Beaupuy – has seen the refurbishment of a 6 meter square bathroom in London, incorporating a mix of greenery and environmentally friendly elements to ensure this is a very unique project.

Bilska de Beaupuy brought in Mariusz Kuzmicz of MK Refurbishment London to piece together their unique design. MRG Studio was the horticultural consultant on the Indoor Outdoor Bathroom project, while The Boma Garden Centre was responsible for the plant selection and arrangement.

Monika Bilska of Bilska de Beaupuy, said:

“We studied characteristics of nature and translated them into language of design. We wanted to create an in-between zone, a place where the client could rest and reconnect, a space that could provide mental and spiritual nourishment and somewhere that is neither inside nor outside – a space that becomes a metaphor of nature.”

Bilska de Beaupuy

Monika added:

“The project is about transformation and interaction. The simple, bare, cave-like walls are the background for lush green air filtering plants. The plants change volume through time and engage the client as she witnesses their growth and evolution. The reflective, smooth texture and versatile patterns of the walls and ceiling seem to change depending on the lighting conditions and time of the day, bringing a calm and soothing feeling to the room.”

A central design feature of the project is a three-dimensional trellis made of gold-plated chains which simply adds to the elegance of bathroom. Gold not only ages gracefully it also adds a touch of femininity to the space. This trellis also has a very important function.

Arabella de Beaupuy of Bilska de Beaupuy, said:

“The trellis functions as a support for air-filtering climbing plants. The plants not only engage with their environment but also have an active role in the bathroom, filtering the air through its leaves, roots and soil microflora systems.”

To enhance the Circular Economy aspect of the project, elements from a previous fit out were incorporated into the space. Elements included the WC and towel handles, ensuring no wastage from previous works.

Bilska de Beaupuy

For walls, ceiling and floor, Bilska de Beaupuy used Tadelakt supplied by Tadelakt London – a lime-based waterproof plaster and a naturally breathing material. All paints used in the project are low VOC and tiles are Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified.

In order to minimise the environmental impact, the space utilises only LED lighting and water saving fittings.

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