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Jamie’s Italian Ditches Plastic Straws In All UK Restaurants

Written by Amy

Jamie’s Italian restaurants have removed plastic straws in all 35 UK restaurants and introduce non plastic alternatives.

Jamie’s Italian are the only restaurant collection to decide to take the ‘Plastic Free Pledge’, a nationwide campaign that calls on both individuals and organisations to ‘pledge’ voluntarily to remove single-use plastic from their day-to-day lives, starting with straws. Studies show that we produce 500 million new plastic straws a day, which we use for just 20 minutes, despite them lasting 600+ years. Many of them find their way into our oceans and have a really harmful effect on marine life. It’s estimated that there over 5.5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans currently, and over 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the sea each year.

Brighton, the home of Plastic Pledge, has a vibrant seafront economy of bars and cafés which is why straws are the first Plastic Free Pledge target. Not only are Jamie’s Italian the only restaurant collection to make this change but they have implemented it in all of their 35 UK restaurants. The straws they now use are made of corn starch – which is completely biodegradable – and come from their partner Vegware, a company who use plants to make their products.

Jamie’s Italian pride themselves on maintaining the highest welfare standards and have a team of food technologists whose jobs are dedicated to maintaining and improving standards of all suppliers they work with. Customers can be assured they’ll never eat any meat in restaurants that isn’t 100% traceable to a sustainable source.

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