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GPS Tracking To Tackle Recruitment No-Shows

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The busiest time of year for catering and hospitality is fast approaching. The third week of December is always very popular as many companies organise events to celebrate the end of the year and Christmas holidays. The service industry relies heavily on casual staff to meet this demand for extra shift cover.

However, the average no-show rate for traditional temp agencies is around 12.5 per cent[1]. That means around 1 in 8 temporary workers booked will fail to turn up for their shift. This has a huge impact on the operations of a company; the remaining staff are put under pressure to cover the work load, and customers often receive a lower level of service.

Shoreditch startup BuzzHire currently boasts less than 1% in no-show staff bookings making them the leader in the industry. Their secret weapon is GPS tracking booked staff via the app which has dramatically reduced the risk of staff not turning up to work and lateness.

Using Google Maps API and live traffic conditions to calculate travel time, BuzzHire can accurately gauge if an employee is running more than 15-minutes late. A backup worker who has been on standby will get approved for the job and the late person is automatically removed. The employer is notified of the change via the app.

Backup personnel are automatically created for every shift booked through BuzzHire’s app. This is an innovative and proactive approach, unlike the reactive approach of traditional agencies who often find out about no-shows through their clients when is usually too late.

 To help recruits arrive on time, they get a reminder on their phone to start travelling to work 2-hours before they’re due at the job. If it looks like they aren’t going to make it on time they get notified that their shift is going to someone else via the app.

Nick Miller, founder of BuzzHire said: “Being just one team member down during Christmas season could cost a business up to £500 per night. Our new GPS tracking function provides greater transparency for employers so there are no nasty surprises. In addition, our automatic rebooking guarantees that a BuzzHire approved worker will be there to work on time.”

BuzzHire specialises in temporary staff in the catering and delivery sectors. Like a dating app, the company’s platform allows recruiters and preapproved candidates to find each other quickly and easily. It’s an ideal solution for those looking for flexible part-time work and often pays higher than the London living wage.


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