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Asbestos Removal Specialist Overview

Asbestos Removal

An Asbestos Removal Specialist Overview

By Steve Peacock CMIOSH TechIDE MARMI, Group SHEQ Manager, DDS Environmental

As a licensed Asbestos Removal Specialist, DDS Environmental undertake projects from a wide variety of sectors and clients. This – to offer an explanation – is for one main, stand out reason.

The history of asbestos is contrary. Once hailed as a revolutionary solution due to this natural product being able to be used in many thousands of applications, its function was applied widespread throughout the 1950’s – 1970’s to new built homes and refurbished properties.

As time and understanding of the material progressed, the negative effects of asbestos became more well-known and it was eventually prohibited for use. By this time however, the product was in-situe on a large scale.

Thankfully, now in 2017, the general public are beginning to have a better understanding of the dangers of asbestos. But therein lies the universal problem, this extremely hazardous product cannot even be restricted to one pocket of users, it quite literally can be anywhere.

For example, from the 1950’s onwards, domestic properties have the potential to contain many different asbestos product types from thermal insulation to asbestos insulation board or even vinyl floor tiles. Officially, asbestos can be present in any industrial or residential building built or refurbished before the year 2000.

However, let us dispel the scaremongering myth. If you understand how to safely manage and / or remove asbestos, the danger is significantly reduced.

The key is to source a reputable and experienced Asbestos Removal Specialist. A reputable contractor would have been assessed and licensed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

To underpin their high standards of practice, DDS Environmental are also accredited by the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) who are considered to be the UKs leading association for asbestos removal.

Despite there being many different types of asbestos, it is useful to be aware that there is a clear classification between licensed and non-licensed asbestos. Crucially, if in doubt, ask the professionals.

A reputable contractor will tell you honestly what type of asbestos you are dealing with and suggest a safe and correct method of removing the hazardous material.

Let’s address the elephant in the room too: Yes, the removal of asbestos is a very specialised practice – however contrary to popular opinion, this does not translate into a license to print money.

The cost of safe and proper removal of asbestos is money well spent – there can be no cutting of corners. This reiterates the importance of working with a licensed contractor that you can trust – one that will tell you the honest extent of management or removal required.

With a glass half-full perspective on the situation, we like to believe that contractors nowadays need not take advantage of the fear factor with asbestos – generally speaking, unless you are in the industry, most of us wouldn’t have a clue what type of asbestos we mistakenly uncovered.

Due to the heavily regulated HSE, licensed asbestos removal contractors have earnt their professional and integrity stripes – honesty will prevail as will a safe removal.

For as long as “Asbestos” remains a taboo or scary word, feel reassured that there are credible contractors such as DDS Environmental who are on hand to offer sound advice and safe measures of asbestos management and removal.

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