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The Perfectionists’ Café

The Perfectionists’ Café, one of four establishments for celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, has been a popular destination for travellers ever since it opened its doors within the newly developed Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport.

The chef, famous for various TV series showcasing his unique take on cooking, is also owner of The Fat Duck in Berkshire; which has been voted Best UK Restaurant, has won three Michelin stars and received consistent full marks from The Good Food Guide since opening in 2007.

The Perfectionists’ Café opened in Terminal 2 on 4th June 2014, otherwise known as ‘The Queens Terminal’ of the London airport. The café followed on from Heston’s hit BBC TV series which first aired in 2007 ‘In search of perfection’ and is aptly named to follow suit. Having operated to great success for over three years now, The Perfectionists’ Café recently underwent some minor work with a reupholstering of its seating.

The Perfectionists’ Café aims to add a touch of glamour to the airport experience, taking a nostalgic point of view, referring back to when air travel was deemed glamorous and travellers wore their best clothes to fly. The café’s audience is the customer who wants a meal quickly but is fed up with junk food offerings.

The menu celebrates the best British dishes, whilst embracing British mechanics and eccentric ways in Heston’s usual manner. Beef burgers are made grinding meat in one direction, fish and chips are served in a traditional crunchy batter and pizzas made in a classic wood burning oven.

During the TV series ‘In Search of Perfection’, Heston and his team travelled to Italy in a bid to discover how to make a perfect pizza. Heston’s team recorded everything required to make the best dish, from the exact temperature the wood burning oven should be, to the perfect base. The specific details are apparent in the restaurant, which serves up only the best quality foods.

The design of the building, done by Afroditi Krassa is based around the concept of pace. The seating is arranged based on the experience the café’s customers want. The front of the café has quick, easy access; a combination of high seats, flexible tables and hard wearing surfaces. The main feature of the design is the propeller shaped communal table, a subtle nod to the location and travel in general.

Going further towards the rear of the restaurant, away from the rush of the departure lounge, the pace slows to a more relaxed dining experience, with softer furnishings for added comfort. In addition, Afroditi Krassa designed observer booths. Customers seated in these areas have a clear view of the airport runway, watching airplanes take off and land before taking off on their own flight.

Afroditi, founder of Afroditi Krassa explained in 2014:

“This restaurant design extends beyond the layout, colour and finish; it’s the sound of space, the smell of kitchen, the weight of furniture and the clever lighting on the dishes that accentuate the creativity behind the cooking. We picked up on the multi-sensorial element of Heston’s cooking and set ourselves a brief that challenged the boundaries of restaurant design. I wanted this restaurant not to feel like a compromise, as so many restaurants do, but a destination; a place that has a real sense of arrival and a buzz of optimism running through its DNA, just like the food you are about to be served.”

The kitchen design is divided into sections, there’s an ice cream parlour creating Heston’s iconic liquid nitrogen ice cream, a bar with a bakery and deli offerings followed by an exposed wood fire oven. In keeping with Heston’s unique ways, both the ice cream parlour and the open oven were firsts in the airport industry.

The café’s signage, a large mechanical clockwork knife was said to be an idea that came from nowhere, when Heston Blumenthal and designers were looking for something that clearly insinuated good food, rather than ‘fast food’.

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