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Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas
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Las Iguanas, Birmingham

From humble beginnings, Las Iguanas has grown to be one of the most recognised hospitality brands on the high street. Since 1991, Las Iguanas has transported guests to the bright and colourful world of Latin America through sumptuous food and vibrant interiors.

With a number of openings across the UK last year, 2017 was yet another successful one for the brand. One such opening was on Birmingham’s popular Temple Street which welcomed its first customers at the end of the summer. Once again working with award-winning B3 Designers, Las Iguanas Temple Street has quickly proved to be a welcome addition to the city centre with praise in particular for the restaurant’s look and the atmosphere it helps create. Industry recognition subsequently followed at the end of 2017 when the restaurant was shortlisted for a Casual Dining Restaurant and Pub Award.

Las Iguanas

Premier Hospitality recently spoke to B3 Designers about the look of Las Iguanas Birmingham:

“Recently, our Director Mark Bithrey and the Las Iguanas team took a trip to South America where they visited Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires to build up a brand image and mood board for the interior. Material and inspiration collected on this trip formed the basis for the interior design. Sometimes we don’t always get a clear brief, and therefore it is our job to work closely with our clients to create one based on elements our client likes and what we feel will work guided by our extensive experience. We select some themes, qualities and colours, and highlight these throughout the design for the whole space.

“In this project, we tried to weave in as many bold and bright colours as possible to get a carnival theme that captures the vibrant, exotic nature of Latin America. We used features to create a convivial atmosphere in the space. We introduced ceiling rafts which sail over the seating and change an open space into something more enclosed and contained. We also incorporated bold graphics that illuminate the Latin America theme.

“For Temple Street, one of the main challenges was that it was an existing site. We had to gut it out to make it suitable and there was a lot of work required before we go could in. It’s also quite a long, narrow site and getting light right into the rear of the space was a challenge. We didn’t want to create a very bright, artificially-lit space and instead kept the lighting levels very subtle – it was a tricky balance but we think we have achieved the right atmosphere.”

B3 Designers added:

“The Las Iguanas team has told us the site is doing very well. It’s one of their flagship locations, which they wanted to stand out, and the design has been working effectively for them which we are pleased about. Temple Street is an upcoming destination so it’s ideal for Las Iguanas. The award nomination is very positive and it’s great for both us and Las Iguanas. It’s very good publicity and shows our new approach to the Las Iguanas brand is really starting to work.”

For more information about Las Iguanas, please visit: www.iguanas.co.uk.

Las Iguanas


UHS is a leading supplier in the hospitality industry for furniture and has been involved in many prestigious projects supplying a great range of products that are fit for purpose, design led and customised to clients’ requirements.

UHS have furnished a number of Las Iguanas projects.

Dan Gillmore of UHS, said:

“This vibrant brand needs customised furniture that is fit for purpose! This is where we step in…”

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