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Club Soulgenic

Club Soulgenic
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Club Soulgenic – Fitness full of soul

Opened in January 2018, Club Soulgenic is Jersey’s first fully integrated fitness and wellness centre. Set in an impressive space, it provides a range of products and services incorporating fitness, nutrition, general health and mind body with each floor home to a specialist service.

Speaking to Premier Construction: Channel Islands magazine, Club Soulgenic Founder and CEO Glenda Rivoallan explained the idea behind her latest venture.

“I have always owned health and fitness clubs. I sold my last club in 2016 and went into an online project which is a wellness product,” she said. “It is a wellness platform and quite soon into that, I realised I needed a home for the brand. I found the building and thought it was perfect for what I wanted to do.”

Set over four floors, Club Soulgenic incorporates a variety of wellness activities all under one roof.

Situated on the ground floor is café Nude Food. This is the second café to open for the popular Jersey food brand. Nude Food is a clean eating, whole food café that provides a warm, welcoming, well designed people focused place to meet and eat. The ground floor also houses a reception desk and private personal training room.

On the second floor is the mind body studio which is an everyday retreat in the heart of St Helier, with Yoga, Pilates and mindfulness classes. On the same floor is the function studio which provides space for unique Triple Studio fitness classes, combining cardio, strength and mind body. The second floor also provides female changing rooms, female disabled changing rooms and toilets.

Up on the third floor is the wellness centre where staff at Soulgenic are your trusted advisors for all things wellbeing, supporting your good health with a range of specialist practitioners. The club also includes collaborations with the islands foremost wellness professionals, creating a community that motivates and rewards its members on their journey to optimum health and wellbeing. Male changing rooms, male disabled changing rooms and toilets are also located on the third floor.

Finally the top floor is home to Web Reality, the tech partners working alongside Glenda. As part of the tech aspect to Club Soulgenic, a dedicated Club Soulgenic app will help member’s book classes and manage their progress online with all activity tracked and monitored using MY ZONE wearable technology.

Glenda said: “The site had previously been occupied for two years and was home to over 400 staff and a number of businesses. They did a refurb of the building but left it very open and it wasn’t very suitable for office so it became unoccupied for about 22 months.

“We started talking to the architect in April 2017 and got planning consent in September 2017. We started two weeks after the planning consent and decided to go for an industrial/retro design. It sounds really basic but I think a cool feature is how we have used the existing infrastructure because it was like an upside down concrete bath. We altered that by using the Soulgenic branded grey and played with the industrial looking lighting and alongside the vibe lighting, it has really changed the place.”

Club Soulgenic

Credit photos to Andy Les Gresley

The ethos behind Club Soulgenic is to present a fresh new approach to wellness and fitness. Different from other clubs in Jersey, Club Soulgenic helps clients break free from the limitations of a traditional gym approach.

“People are saying that they can see the concept,” said Glenda. “I think that one stop shop will change people’s perception for wellness and will see people really engaging with stuff that they wouldn’t necessarily engage with, like mindfulness and meditation.

“I have always felt that there was a gap in Jersey for something with a more London vibe and I think this is the closest thing in Jersey that would remind you of a club with a London feel.

“It’s not easy but in terms of the legacy that I want to leave, I think it is fantastic if you can make a difference in people’s lives.”






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