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UKLPG’s New Animated Film Showcases the Benefits of LPG for the Hospitality and Leisure Sector

UKLPG’s New Animated Film Showcases the Benefits of LPG for the Hospitality and Leisure Sector
Written by Amy

UKLPG, the trade association for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), has launched an informative film to highlight the numerous benefits of LPG as a green gas solution for off-grid businesses, strengthening its commitment to help the Government reduce carbon in the hospitality and leisure sector across the UK located off the mains gas grid.

The film showcases how LPG can provide an immediate solution to help the Government reach its objectives within the Clean Growth Strategy on the need to significantly reduce carbon in rural Britain.

The one-minute film describes the benefits of LPG within hospitality and leisure, as thanks to its versatility, it is a convenient solution for fuelling pubs, restaurants, hotels and spas.

This clean, smoke-free fuel is the fuel of choice for the off-grid hospitality and leisure sector as it provides a reliable heat source, delivers instant hot water at a consistent temperature and enables businesses to continue cooking on gas, making it familiar, controllable and easy to use. With a well-established supply infrastructure throughout the UK, LPG is widely available in bulk or portable cylinders providing businesses looking to move away from high carbon coal and heating oil with a reliable alternative.

LPG acts the same as natural gas but produces 33% less CO2 than coal and 15% less CO2 than heating oil. With low particle emissions, low NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions and low sulphur content, it is the lowest carbon conventional off-grid fuel.

The film also highlights how LPG is compatible for use with new and old buildings. Tanks can be buried underground to help the aesthetics of properties, and can even send alerts to suppliers for automatic refills, making it a versatile fuel for any site or property, anywhere in the UK.

UKLPG communications manager Lucy Cook said: “The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy gives a firm framework for our activities in fast-tracking the decarbonisation of off-gas grid businesses within the hospitality and leisure sector.

“As many rural pubs, restaurants, spas, hotels and caterers are turning to sustainable tourism and looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their green credentials, switching from coal or heating oil to LPG can directly impact their energy efficiency and corporate social responsibility targets. Our new film demonstrates the LPG industry’s determination to support the Government’s plans to reduce the prevalence and impact of carbon throughout the hospitality and leisure industry.”

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