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JT Data Centre Offices

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JT Data Centre Offices

A construction project in St Saviour, Jersey, that will provide emergency office accommodation for businesses on the island now complete.

Designed by Waddington Architects on behalf of communications company JT, the pre-fabricated offices will provide high quality accommodation. Bruno Francisco, Associate Director at Waddington, explained:

“We have designed temporary office accommodation as business continuity suites within JT’s existing data centre. Basically, should an office in town, for example, have a power failure or any kind of major disaster, they can move to these temporary offices at JT Five Oaks at short notice and continue operating”

“We’ve worked with JT previously and have completed a similar project on the same site. It’s success encouraged the client invest in another new temporary building as an extension of service that they are already providing.”

Work on the project began over a year ago and entered its final stages in May 2018 when the fit out of the two storey offices began. Bruno continued:

“We’ve worked closely with Portakabin at an early design stage using their pre-fabricated standard components to design a building that was appropriate for the site and context. The design is based on a modular system with clever articulation of standard components in an irregular configuration. This enabled us to design a bespoke building in a cost-effective manner that could be erected quickly on site. Windows were positioned to maximise views over the fields and to create some external delight to the fenestration. The container shape modules were also stepped in plan to create internal niches for ancillary office spaces such as printer stations or storage units away from the efficient regular desk configuration, in turn this created some external recesses for pockets of soft landscaping and interesting shadow lines to further distract the eye from the regular modules.”

“90% of building was constructed off site which meant the quality was of a high standard before arriving on site. It’s been a pleasant and speedy process. It did mean, however, that a lot of the design work and decisions had to be agreed upfront though with some early commitment from the client.”

Portakabin modular and portable steel-framed buildings meet all the requirements of a permanent building but are manufactured in a factory, so they can be controlled precisely and installed rapidly.



Established in 1998, Waddington Architects has evolved into one of the largest of its kind on the island of Jersey. Comprising made of architects, interior designers and landscape architects the award-winning firm provides design-led yet client-focused professional services across all sectors. To find out more please visit www.waddington.je.



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