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Acorn Reuse Centre

Acorn Reuse
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Acorn Reuse Centre

An ambitious project from Jersey Employment Trust (JET) that will help the charity continue its operation is nearing completion.

JET is a registered charity and helps people with disabilities and long-term health conditions to secure work. JET is able to provide training and support as well as working with employers to provide advice, guidance and a recruitment service.

Acorn Enterprises is an arm of JET and helps support the trust in its operation. Located in Trinity, Acorn Enterprises is home to a unique social enterprise which includes a number of related businesses. Steve Pearce, Acorn Enterprises General Manager, explained:

“The Acorn side of the Jersey Employment Trust is predominantly a pre-employment service that has been set up partly as a social firm. There are three areas to the business. There’s the Acorn Wood Shack, which recycles used timber; there’s the Acorn Nursery, which provides bedding plants and horticultural supplies; and there’s Acorn Reuse.

“We have an area at our local recycling yard where everyone goes to get rid of their rubbish. It’s what used to be the local tip but now they recycle of lot of the goods. The first building that you come to there is the Acorn Enterprises Reuse Shed. People who have got anything that can be reused can donate it here.

“We then bring it up to our premises at Acorn Enterprises. If it’s good to sell straight away, we’ll just clean it up and put it in the new shop. If it needs fixing, we can do that and upcycle it. We have a number of different projects and clients that can be involved in the work of fixing up goods to put in the shop.”

To help increase reuse potential, a new building at Acorn Enterprises Trinity site is currently nearing completion. The Acorn Reuse Centre will be a place to store, workshop and sell items donated at the La Collette Recycling Centre. Despite a particular wet winter that made laying foundations for the building challenging, the project has run smoothly and is on course to be completed in August.

Once open, the additional space will mark a significant step for Acorn Enterprises and JET. Steve expanded:

“It’s going to have a huge impact. Not only is it going to generate an income for us, it will generate employment for people with a disability as well as providing more training opportunities. I think it will also have a knock on effect for other aspects of the business. Although it’s predominately for the reuse side, it’s going to increase our footfall and we’re hoping to see increases in sales for plants and the Wood Shack.”

Acorn Reuse Centre is one of the most ambitious social enterprise projects to be undertaken on Jersey. To find out how you can support it, please contact acorn@jet.co.je.

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