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Ayurveda Therapies Arrive at the Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Ayurveda Therapies Arrive at the Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi
Written by Amy

Elemental balance” ethos expands to include dosha balancing treatments

A natural synergy: The Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi has strengthened its “elemental balance” ethos with the addition of nine Ayurvedic therapies and rituals.

Spa & Wellness Director Dr. Kannan Nettath comments, “More and more, we are coming to understand that a life well lived is one lived in balance, and that it is through harmony – within ourselves and with the wider world – that we achieve optimum health. The decision to weave Ayurveda into The Geo Spa’s elemental balance concept was an intuitive, natural extension of our offering and expertise.”

Drawing on 5,000 years of wisdom, Ayurveda believes in the fundamental ability for individuals to heal once they come into balance. This is achieved by determining one’s personal elemental constitution – dosha – and its relationship with the world’s natural energies: pitta (fire, water), kapha (earth, water) and vata (air, space). By understanding our individual nature – as a microcosm of the macrocosm – we can learn how to balance the dominance or lack of a certain elemental energy and lead a healthier, more harmonious life.

“The Geo Spa has always drawn on the energies of the surrounding 550 million year old Geo Park,” continues Dr Kannan, “which is also what makes Ayurveda in Langkawi so incredible: the ability to tap into an abundant, age-old source of grounding, balancing nature.”

That same nature includes powerful earth energies accumulated through the ancient rocks plus abundant water energies flowing through the surrounding sea, mangrove tributaries, and rainforest systems. It’s the ultimate analogy for life: just as the delicate mangrove ecosystem must maintain a healthy balance in order to survive, so too must individuals seek balance with their surroundings.

From July 2018, visitors to The Geo Spa can experience Ayurvedic experiences that range from well-known therapies such as Abhyanga and Shirodhara to Geo Spa Signature Experiences including Voyage of the Mind and Spine Strengthening: treatments that realign mind, body and spirits and advocate greater balance with the natural elements that reside in and around us all.

“When inner and outer harmony is achieved, we not only survive but also begin to thrive,” concludes Dr Kannan.

The Ayurvedic treatments at the GeoSpa start from MYR 855 onwards. To experience the new Ayurvedic treatments and elemental balance therapies at The Geo Spa, contact Four Seasons the Central Reservations Department of Four Seasons Resort Langkawi at tel: (60) 4 950 8888 or book online.

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