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Einstein Bier Haus

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Einstein Bier Haus

Located in Concert Square, Liverpool, the Pub Invest Group has added Einstein Bier Haus to its ever growing portfolio. The 1,200 capacity venue brings a touch of Bavaria to (what is often described as an entertainment hotspot) Concert Square. Set over three floors and boasting three main bars and an outdoor Bier Terrasse, Einstein has taken over the former Walkabout bar and is open from 11am to 3am daily. The site also has 30 huge screens and projectors for those wanting to watch sport and offers over 20 German beers and an extensive food menu for guests to try.

Premier Hospitality spoke to architect Neil Dawson from Snook Architects about the project.

How did you get involved with the project?

“We were architects and interior designers on the project. Having worked with JSM on all of their venues over the last 7 or more years, we have a very symbiotic relationship as the team knows exactly what each other needs.”

What did the project involve for you?

“It was a complete refurbishment. It was previously an Australian Walkabout venue and in in fairness it didn’t have the best layout or make the most of what is a fantastic space. Routes through the building were very meandering and the central space was almost incidental rather than the focusing on the venue. We went in, gutted it and completely re-planned and rationalised the space so now you have a really good and well managed route up to the first floor level and an amazing central atrium space around which everything is focused. Interestingly, [as all operators will be aware] getting customers up to a first floor space is usually a challenge. However in this venue customer migration is naturally up to the first floor rather than the ground which is a testament to the venues success.”

Were you given a brief for this project or were you left to design the space yourselves?

“We must have done 25-30 venues with the operator now so we have a good understanding of what they need and they understand how we work so they trust us to take a limited brief and just get on with it. They have the confidence to know that design wise we know what they need.”

 How long did the project take to complete?

“We were on site for about eight weeks with the remediation and then another eight weeks for fit out.”

Have you heard any feedback about what people think of it since it has been open?

“People love it. We’re just finishing off a new 350sq.m beer garden that involves the construction of a new deck spanning between Einstein and Level nightclub next door. This outside space and the extra capacity will be the icing on the cake [or the froth on the stein]. However even without this customer feedback has been super positive”

Would you say there are any design highlights or anything in particular that stands out in the site?

“The big one is the space – the building shines. You enter through an amazing grand entrance you are into a big quadruple height volume. So as a customer you get all of the excitement and shared experience from one central spot. From that central spot you can work out where everything is and the views up into the venue draw customers through who naturally want to explore and enjoy the space.”

Where there any difficulties or challenges with the project?

“The biggest challenge was Liverpool Football Club getting through to the Champions League Final as it put the whole team under huge pressure to be completed for that special one off night.”

How important has this project been for you to be involved with?

“It is very exciting. We always like working for Pub Invest Group – they are always exciting and have always got a lot of ambition in them, particularly the last few sites where they haven’t been fazed by taking a risk and doing a bigger venue. From our side of things, with having a bigger venue, there is a bigger opportunity to do more things with it. This site has indoor space, outdoor space, a double height atrium and for a relatively modest building there is a lot going on, so it has been great to be a part of.”


Preferred Joinery Ltd

Preferred Joinery Ltd specialise in the manufacture of sliding sash windows, doors, staircases and bi-folding doors. The company has been in operation for 21 years and within this time has built up a wealth of experience in the industry and a reputation for quality.

Past projects for Preferred Joinery Ltd have included The Hub, McCooley’s, Brunch Club and Mackenzies Whisky Bar, amongst others. More recently, Preferred Joinery Ltd has been involved with the work at Einstein Bier Haus in Liverpool.

Working on Einstein Bier Haus, Preferred Joinery Ltd manufactured the site’s staircases, bi-folding doors and entrances. All work was delivered to a high-standard to meet the client’s requirements.

Carlee Riddick, Office Manager for Preferred Joinery Ltd, said:

“At Preferred Joinery Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our reliability and our professionalism.”


Beejay & Co

Beejay & Co specialise in all aspects of the contract furniture trade, ranging from fixed seating, tables and chairs, to external furniture and bespoke items that meet designers specifications. In 2018 the company is proudly celebrating its 40th year and in addition to the aforementioned products, Beejay & Co also offers a full refurbishment service.

Over the past four decades, Beejay & Co has built up a strong portfolio, varying from one venue operations to multinational companies that include Mitchells and Butlers, Stonegate and No1 Traveller at Gatwick Airport, as well as premier league football clubs Manchester United and Manchester City to name a few. Most recently, Beejay & Co have been involved in Einstein Bier Haus, supplying and fitting all the booth seating for the venue.

Beejay & Co Managing Director, Ian Walker, said:

“Being involved with this project means a great deal to us – we have a great history working with Snook Architects and Jamie and his team.”

Ian added:

“At Beejay & Co, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products, our ability to deliver on time and the knowledge we can provide clients with full satisfaction.”


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