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Brean Country Club

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Brean Country Club

Currently under construction, Brean Country Club will be the latest addition to Somerset’s popular holiday destination Brean Leisure Park.

The multi-million Brean Country Club encompasses a number of elements, including a brand new golf clubhouse and 70 luxury overnight lodges. The two-storey clubhouse has been designed to blend seamlessly into the idyllic golf course surroundings and will also operate as a standout venue for weddings, functions and events. The indulgent lodges will boast similarly impressive views of the landscape with premium fittings, furnishing and amenities.

Brean Leisure Park is already home to a waterpark, gym, golf course, children’s play area, theme park and a multitude of food and drink options.

The 18 hole course at Brean is one of the most popular in the area and the current layout was opened in 2016. It is suited to golfers of all abilities and the addition of the new facilities will help provide a welcome boost to steadily rising membership levels.

The design of the development has been overseen by Bristol-based Arturus Architects and is being constructed by Wrencon Ltd.

To find out more about this exciting new venture, Premier Construction spoke to Richard House, Director at Brean Leisure Park:

What exactly is being built to create Brean Country Club?

“We’re building a country club clubhouse on the borders of our golf course, overlooking to 18th green. We’ve had the present clubhouse for 20 odd years and it’s about 200 metres from the first tea. We’re also developing 70 lodges, which will be accommodation for visiting golfers and wedding guests and they will also overlook the golf course.”

Why did you choose to undertake this project now?

“Mainly because the old clubhouse is two or three porta cabins joined together. It’s time to move on. The changing facilities in the old clubhouse, for example, are very limited. You can probably only fit about 6 people in at a time whereas the new changing rooms will have room for about 30 in the gents and 20 in the ladies.

“It’s a two storey construction with balconies on both floors overlooking the golf course. In the distance you can see Cheddar Gorge and another feature of the Somerset levels called Brent Knoll. The whole of the vista is Somerset Levels.”

When will work be finished?

“The club house should be finished by the end of October. We’ve started the lodge development and the first ones will arrive in September. The first phase of the lodges, we’re doing approximately half of them this year and then the rest next year.

“About 20 of the lodges overlook a lake. We’re constructing a man-made lake as part of the planning because we’re in a flood area and we’ve had to raise the area the development is in by 1.2 metres. The lake is for the run off from the roads and roofs etc. as attenuation for the surface water.”

What is the design of the new clubhouse?

“It’s a fairly modern design but obviously it’s got to blend into the environment. We’ve used an architectural firm from Bristol who’ve been responsible for a quite a few leisure projects. It’s fairly green because we’ve got to meet all the new insulation levels etc. It’s a steel frame with a lot of marley eternity boarding and a lot of glass. We’re running about six weeks late at the moment because when we had all that weather in the winter, we were using a 3 part roofing system as opposed to a Kingspan Package Roof. The 3 part roof gives a better roofline.”

And finally, how important is this project overall for Brean Leisure Park?

“This was a dairy farm until 1970. We had 65 caravans to start off with but we’ve now got 750 caravans. We also have 500 touring caravan and tent pitches. It’s a big development we’re talking about, approximately one square mile of leisure. We’ve got a waterpark, a gym and an indoor play area so all this new work complements it. We’ve never had a lodge development overlooking the waterpark or the golf course. It’s gone up to a 5 star development.”

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