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Delphina Hotels & Resorts Named Green Hero at the UK’s Leading Green Awards

Delphina Hotels & Resorts Named Green Hero at the UK's Leading Green Awards
Written by Amy

Delphina Hotels & Resorts; a collection of eight 4 and 5 star luxury destinations in northern Sardinia, has won the ‘P.E.A. Travel’ award at the 2018 P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards – the UK’s leading green awards, which honours people and companies across the globe who are pioneering sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives.

Delphina is the first Italian hotel group to use entirely green and renewable energy across their complete portfolio, including their Head Office as well as their eight resorts. As part of their We Are Green® protocol, their commitment to green energy allows the hotel group to save 3,536 tonnes of CO2 each year – the equivalent of that absorbed by approximately 25,000 trees – by harnessing the power of renewable sources and eco-friendly transformation systems.

This commitment to the environment can also be seen in a number of small but important additional actions, which contribute towards the protection of the natural environment. These include ecological waste disposal, eco- and bio-friendly Spa products, Ecolabel cleaning products, the automatic shutdown of lights and air conditioning in most of the rooms, as well as electric vehicles for guests in-resort transportation. Paper too is a valuable asset and as part of Delphina’s commitment to responsible forest management, all publications and catalogues are printed with mineral oil-free inks on ecological cellulose paper ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes).

Healthy, good and fair food is also great part of Delphina experience. Guests have the chance to discover the region through its flavours as expressed in the Genuine Local Food Oriented® philosophy, which means local food with healthy ingredients that respect and reflect the seasons and are zero kilometres as much as possible. Examples of this are fresh meat from farms in the Gallura hills, the catch of the day for fish and seafood and fruit and vegetables from local producers. The Resort & SPA Le Dune boasts a real vegetable garden and chicken run as an educational experience for little guests to learn about Mediterranean plants and follow various stages of cultivation from seed to fruit as well as collecting the eggs laid by the free-range hens.

Commenting on their award win, Tamara Amadu, PR & Marketing Manager for Delphina Hotels & Resorts said, “We are incredibly proud to have been recognised as a green hero and awarded such a wonderful accolade. Central to the Delphina philosophy is our attention to the local hospitality and traditions, a healthy lifestyle and environment for all and respect for our surroundings. They are the building blocks of our brand DNA and permeate every aspect of what we do.”

Jarvis Smith, Founder, Judge and Presenter of the P.E.A. Awards, commented: “It’s a fine line between luxury tourism and sustainability, if you cross it you can lose credibility, revisits and fall with a thump. I have no doubt that the Delphina Hotel Group management team are the finest tight rope walkers in Italy. There isn’t one person I haven’t recommended this place to in my world of conscious consumers. Millions of travellers want to know how they can enjoy their holidays guilt free, well going to Delphina hotels in Sardinia they now can.”

Delphina Hotels & Resorts is also proud to be a Corporate Golden Donor in support of FAI, the Italian Environment Fund which works for the protection of the beauty, culture and natural heritage of the country.

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