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Stamba Hotel

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The Stamba Hotel

Quintessential Georgian hospitality is at the centre of the Stamba Hotel in downtown Tbilisi. Occupying a stunning 20th century building that formerly operated as a publishing house, the hotel is the most recent offering from Georgian hospitality group Adjara.

The Stamba Hotel opened in May 2018 as the latest addition to the Rooms Hotels brand and takes inspiration from its unique setting. High ceilings and exposed brickwork are ever present in a design that blends contemporary touches with subtle nods to the past. The hotel is aimed at attracting a wide demographic, from local professionals to young travellers.

Alongside carefully appointed rooms, Stamba is home to a café, outdoor terrace, rooftop pool and a basement casino. Helping further connect the hotel with Georgian culture and art is an outdoor amphitheatre.

To find out more, Premier Hospitality spoke to Adjara CEO Valeri Chekheria. He said:

“The building used to be a publishing house in the Soviet era. We bought it from the government and the first part was the Rooms Hotel and then with the rest of the building we decided to do another Georgian brand. Stamba means the publishing house and that is why we chose that name. We kept lots of original elements and integrated them into the design. We wanted to make a place for everybody.

“For now there are 42 rooms but by the end of the year we will have all the rooms open, which will be 160 rooms. They have a nice design and lots of bookshelves. We ordered more than 40,000 books and you will find an amazing library in the hotel. We also wanted to give an experience of music and coffee to all of our guests. We created our own coffee place in the hotel where we do our own roasting of beans and make house chocolate. Each room has a McIntosh music system and there is an amazing collection of vinyl. It’s not just staying in a hotel, it’s enjoying your experience and discovering a little bit of Georgian art.

“I am very passionate about what we’re doing. The worldwide competition is too big and customers have to know why they’re choosing to come to Georgia. They have to get a good experience. I believe we are creating a very Georgian experience here.”

First impressions are shaped by the expansive lobby, which was reconfigured and restructured by removing five floors to create a soaring space flooded with natural light. The lobby is home to the Café Stamba, which serves classic Georgian dishes as well as international favourites. Ingredients are sourced in collaboration with the Georgian Farmers’ Association to ensure the highest quality.

The casino is designed to evoke feelings of European gaming grandeur. As its name suggests, the Aviator Casino takes a design lead from the golden age of aviation including airline crew-inspired staff uniforms.

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Adjara Group Hospitality

Adjara Group Hospitality is one of Georgia’s fastest growing hospitality companies. Founded in 2010, Adjara developed the unique Rooms Hotel brand that, alongside Stamba, has a property each in Tbilisi and Kazbegi.


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