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Emma Mattress’ UK Sales Bounce to £9.4million in Q4

Emma Mattress’ UK Sales Bounce to £9.4million in Q4
Written by Amy
  • Bed-in-a-box brand Emma Mattress grows UK annual revenues by 246% in 2018.
  • One mattress sold every two minutes in the UK during Emma Mattress’ Boxing Day promotion.

Emma Mattress, the leading European premium bed-in-a-box brand, has reported its biggest grossing quarter in the UK since its launch in 2017, turning over £9.4million between 01 October – 31 December 2018, an increase of 170% year-on-year for the quarter.

Boosted by a strong Boxing Day performance, Emma Mattress’ Boxing Day sale saw the bed-in-a-box brand selling one mattress every two minutes during the 12-day promotion, generating £4.4million from the discounting event.  Emma Mattress’ UK revenues have remained strong throughout the year, ending with a 246% growth in turnover year on year and contributing towards parent company Bettzeit Group’s annual revenues of €79million.

Emma Mattress was also the most visited bed-in-a-box website in the UK, France and Netherlands, in December 2018, according to Similarweb’s data, receiving 39.3% more visits than its closest competitor.  Indeed, based on industry sources, it is estimated that Emma Mattress also outsold all bed-in-a-box brands for the month of December by a wide margin.

British co-founder of Emma Mattress, Benjamin Quiroga-Rivera, said: “Emma’s positive results are testament to our profitable and sustainable business model, which focuses on product quality, investment in R&D and efficiency when it comes to marketing spend.  This comes at a time where some within the industry – and within investor communities – are questioning whether the online mattress bubble has burst and if it is possible to grow a successful mattress brand without burning a significant amount of money.”

“These concerns,” he continued, “have been borne out of the unsustainable strategies being adopted by our well-funded European bed-in-a-box competitors.  Spending heavily on advertising and building a brand at the expense of marketing efficiency and product quality, is simply way to burn out quickly.  That’s why, at Emma Mattress, we’re proud to be bucking the trend and proving that, with a sustainable, long-term business model and a commitment to R&D and product development, the online mattress market can continue to thrive.

Commenting on the market outlook, he said: “We have already seen the warning signs for those bed-in-a-box brands who do not operate a profitable and sustainable business model.  For those competitors who continue not to heed these warning signs or are simply unable to turn their business model into a profitable format, we expect to see consolidation or dropouts within the bed-in-a-box market in 2019.”

Emma Mattress’ strategy sees the company investing heavily into R&D, with a team of 10 engineers and textile designers to advance the sleep technology applied in each Emma mattress.  It has also harnessed the power of direct customer feedback, allowing its R&D team to adopt continuous improvement strategies, and quickly drive product innovation that optimally maps to the sleeping needs of UK consumers, which has seen the bed-in-box brand pick up the Which? Magazine’s ‘Best on Test’ 2018 award for their Emma Original, the highest scoring mattress in the Which? mattress comparison table. Which? magazine, when reviewing the Emma Original has called it “Exceptional. The highest scoring mattress we’ve tested in years”.

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