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Tommy Hilfiger Amsterdam

Tommy Hilfiger
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Tommy Hilfiger Amsterdam

The RPA Group have been working with the brand Tommy Hilfiger for 14 years. Their most recent collaboration has seen their interior architecture division working on a flagship store, in Amsterdam’s Hoofstraat. Close to Tommy Hilfiger’s head office, it’s an important store for the brand.

Chris Swann, Associate at RPA Group, said:

“This is the third refit of this store. We have in fact been involved with this particular store and manifestations hereof for the past 6 or 7 years. As it’s one of the brand’s key locations, this store has had a number of ‘facelifts’. The original brief was very specific, due to the nature of the project.We created the initial proposal together with the Tommy concept team, which was then discussed with the Tommy Hilfiger store development team. We have, spread over two floors of retail space, a focal piece, which is the outline of the Tommy Hilfiger flag logo. It has been used in a unique way, by being recessed into the ceiling as an LED strip feature. The effect can be quite subtle, but it visually attracts and draws the eye towards the back of the store, encouraging customers to explore more of the space. The staircase has been refreshed with completely new materials and finishes; it has a combination of white high gloss panelling, which is backlit with LED strip lighting and this visually draws attention upstairs, the intention being to allow the focus to go towards menswear, located on the first floor.”

The LED halo lit fixtures used throughout the store give it a bright uplift, and the use of sustainably sourced light oak timber flooring softens the effect, so that the brightness isn’t harsh, but welcoming. The LEDs are also used in circular fixtures, creating floating halos, enhancing the space within the store. Both floors have a very open and airy feel to them, and clothes are spaced out on hanging rails and open shelves, so that the customer can see and interact with the items freely, offering them a more flexible retail experience.

Completed in two phases, the second is the most recent and is the only entrance linking the store to the brand’s café, named ‘The People’s Place’. It extends the experience of this flagship location and gives customers an opportunity to interact with the brand on a new level. Aside from being a coffee shop, the People’s Place offers a customisation area with embroidery and personalisation options, and a host of technology to browse and order products online as well. This serves to enhance the brand’s delivery of a personal and interactive retail experience. Chris explained:

“The People’s Place adds to that personal shopping experience. People can have a sit down and a coffee and browse the store on an iPad whilst doing so. Staff are very knowledgeable brand ambassadors who chat with customers in here about the products and it really enhances customer service and brand relationship building.”

Tommy Hilfiger



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