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Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang
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Shanghai Tang

Situated in the Pacific Place shopping centre in Hong Kong, which is home to over 130 shops and boutiques, is the Chinese luxury fashion store Shanghai Tang.

Completed in November 2018, the latest boutique took six months to complete. Stefano Tordiglione Design was appointed as the Executive Designer and Project Manager with the creative direction from Carlotta Turini, highlighting the brand’s own signature at the forefront of the design. Well known for its use of mixed colours, Stefano Tordiglione Design introduced a plethora of paints and fabrics that radiate “warmth” throughout the various sections of the boutique.

Shanghai Tang seeps luxury, modern and classy into all its corners of the brand so the design of the store had to represent that. The design team created a multi-sensory shopping experience to mirror the beauty and richness of the Chinese culture the brand is inspired by.

Efficient project management was vital to the success and on-time project completion.  The design team has developed a new unique concept that is now demonstrated throughout the store. When this all came together, a new concept and a key store for Shanghai Tang was created, enhancing the brand’s own concept forwards into the future.

Among the various notable features of the store are ; the changing rooms and home section, with the use of famed Jim Thompson wallpapers, giving the design an Asiatic flavour it originates from, with alternative wall coverings and racking’s – all fine-tuned to create comfort within the sections. The Womenswear area has appealing curved walls and basks in soothing beige fabric with bright bold paint, (shades like deep blue, a pleasant yellow and a rich pink), while the Menswear area is elegant warm and cosy, designed with dark brown wood and clean lines. These spaces are united through a relaxed central seating area featuring Art Deco furniture. To promote fluid movement through the space, the shelves and cases jut outwards slightly to attract the customer’s eye further into corridor the shelves create around it. Soft oriental shaped lamp shades hang from the ceiling in the home section creating a focal point and illuminating the wares on display on the surrounding tables and shelves.

From luxury fashion, to dining to décor such as notebooks and candles, the style of Shanghai Tang includes collections such as the Animalier print, silk accessories, one of kind scents and infusions, and bone china, Shanghai Tang offers a wealth of luxuries inspired by their Chinese culture.

The Shou symbol, inspired by the Chinese character meaning longevity and immortality; the continuous line symbolises in the symbol signifies an endless cycle of life and the symmetrical circular form signifies harmony and unity, appears in the design of the store, numerous times. Displaying this character, the design of the store nods to the use of other Chinese symbols and characters within the design of Shanghai Tang’s fashion.

Shanghai Tang

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