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Stokes Sauces Launches New ‘Squeezy’ Range of Condiments

Stokes Sauces Launches New ‘Squeezy’ Range of Condiments
Written by Amy

– The artisan producer is investing in a line of sauces in recyclable squeezy bottles specifically for food service outlets –

 Stokes Sauces, which is famous for its range of delicious artisan sauces, is launching a brand-new line of ‘squeezy’ family-friendly, recyclable bottles for the food service industry.

The quality condiment producer from Suffolk is taking on the big brands in the sector with its squeezy range and is releasing its famous Tomato Ketchup, Real Mayonnaise and Brown Sauce in the new format bottles.

Stokes is renowned for its ‘real food’ sauces and its belief that its high quality, delicious condiments can truly enhance meals. The company also prides itself on only using the best ingredients in its sauces, such as 200g of juicy, sun-ripened Italian Tomatoes for every 100g of Tomato Ketchup, or British free-range eggs and luxurious Greek extra virgin olive oil in its mayonnaise.

Stokes will use the same recipe in its squeezy bottles as it does in its iconic glass bottles and the whole range has been designed with ease-of-use and families in mind; the bespoke bottles have been made especially for Stokes and are easier to handle than those used by larger brands. It also demonstrates Stokes’ commitment to become a key player in the ketchup market.

Founder and Managing Director of Stokes Sauces, Rick Sheepshanks, said: “An incredible 97% of all ketchup bought by consumers in the UK is sold in squeezy bottles and although people love our signature glass bottles, sometimes glass isn’t the most convenient, especially for families. I started making ketchup to encourage my young daughter to eat more vegetables and I wanted to make it easier for more families to enjoy our quality ketchup and sauces. With the new bottles you can squeeze out just the right amount, they seal easily, last longer and little hands can use them with far less mess.

 “We offer a higher quality and better tasting range of sauces than the big brands, and now our award-winning ketchup, delicious mayonnaise and brown sauce will be much easier for people to enjoy.”

 The new squeezy bottles are made from PET plastic which is 100% recyclable.

Stokes’ squeezy range launches this month and will be available from the following distributors: Castell Howard (Wales and surrounding), Steele Fine Foods (East Anglia), Ashton Farms (Dorset) and Zest Catering (Derby and surrounding). From June it will also be available from Philip Dennis (Home Counties and South West).

Stokes Sauces makes sauces, mayonnaises, chutneys and jams, all of which are hand produced to carefully created and closely guarded recipes in their rural Suffolk “Saucery”. For more information on Stokes, visit

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