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Why Pixalux Illuminated LED Panels are a World’s First

Why Pixalux Illuminated LED Panels are a World’s First
Written by Amy

The Pixalux illuminated panels have started to revolutionise retail displays environments with the way light is used in store.  The 16mm composite printed acrylic panels are edge-lit, totally frameless with their own built-in diffusers.   Pixalux panels have a completely even spread of light without any shadows, ensuring a high quality presentation of products.  The panels can be single sided or double sided.

The structural capability of Pixalux is totally unique enabling the panels to be used in place of wooden panels or glass shelves.   It has the versatility to combine aesthetics with functionality within retail fixtures and allows designers to look at lighting solutions in a totally new dimension.

Panels can be used for load bearing shelving, cupboard walls, retail displays, flooring, signage, architectural lighting, table tops, doors and much more.   The panel surfaces can be directly printed or have vinyl graphics applied on to the surface.   Pixalux was originally designed in Australia but is now being manufactured in Leeds.

Top brands have started to use Pixalux, including the Footpatrol.

Case History – Bamford Grooming Department – 33 Exchange, Theadneedle Street

Pixalux double sided illuminated shelves enhance the brand image of Bamford

Bamford the custom watch company has recently opened its first store targeted to male grooming opposite the Bank of England.

This historical building has been transformed by Enrico Gallian of Crawford & Grey architects into an inspirational store designed to showcase the unique range of grooming products for men and watch accessories.

The brand image was a key part of the design and elegant bespoke black wooden cabinets where designed to make maximum use of the space taking into account the high ceiling.  As the majority of the products were black it was critical that the display was well light.

The unique double sided structural Pixalux structural panels solved the challenge of lighting the product as the panels give out a totally even spread of light without any shadows.  To enable the staff to move the shelves around easily without the need to touch any cables it was necessary to design a system with wireless fully adjustable shelf brackets.

The final design is extremely elegant with black uprights recessed into the wooden panels, and the shelf supports can easily be repositioned.  To change the shelf you simply move the shelf supports to the new position and the power is automatically picked up when the shelf is placed onto the supports. The 16 mm Pixalux shelves had a black edge banding which blends in with the black wood to create a totally integrated display.

Store Manager stated that, “ The shelving system is really great we do not have much space and it is extremely easy to play around with the design to accommodate the different height products.  The best thing about the display is the discrete adjustable shelving brackets.  The illuminated shelves really show off the products at their best. This is the best display equipment I have worked with.”

To find out how Pixalux can be incorporated into your design visit or call 0845 299 6466.

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