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JO & JOE Paris

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JO & JOE Paris

JO & JOE opened its doors on April 6, 2019, just a stone’s throw from the Cité Internationale Universitaire, in the south of Paris. It is only 2 minutes from the RER B line, 20 minutes from the Arc de Triomphe and 20 minutes from Orly Airport. JO & JOE Paris – Gentilly is a new living space, open to all; locals and travellers alike.

Architecture and game-changing design studio PENSON co-created the brand and developed the interiors to create a hybrid model where hostel meets hotel. JO& JOE have developed its interiors with global architecture and game-changing design studio PENSON , and they have created a space where youth hostels meet hotels. At Paris-Gentilly, street art is everywhere thanks to the work of 9 local and international artists who were commissioned by PENSON to cover the walls with their creations.

Premier Hospitality International spoke to Lee Penson, CEO of PENSON told us about the ethos behind the new concepts Jo& Joe bring to the hospitality sector. He said:

“We had a random call from Accor in Paris, and it was strange because we’d never tried to approach them before or the hospitality sector at all. Then we took part in a global design competition selection process. We were shortlisted to 8, then 4 and were accrued the role to partner and co-create the brand JO & JOE.”

The competition to work alongside Accor and create JO & JOE was 6 months long, and took place 2 and half years ago. Lee continued:

“As for the brief, they had a very good idea of what they wanted to do with the brand. They aimed it at millennials, and wanted to battle with the Air BnB model. We won the project because we came in with so many challenges, new ideas, thoughts, and we thought of things Accor hadn’t thought of before. We took their original concept and we crystallised it for them. We enhanced their ideas enormously.”

Accor were really receptive to our ideas, the innovation techniques were brilliant because they were visionary, a few things didn’t work at first but Accor were really supportive through the whole process. It took them a lot of courage to buy into it; they were brave to run with us, but it was because they felt they were taking an exciting path to work with us.”

From 25 euros a night, the design of JO & JOE Paris is contemporary and suited to the needs of the guests. There are three types of bedroom; ‘together’ is shared dormitory space, where several people can sleep whilst also maintaining privacy thanks to modular beds and spaces. ‘Yours’ are private hotel style guestrooms, offering a private individual space. ‘Cabins’ are a unique concept in France offering a private individual space with access to a communal bathroom and restroom. They are the perfect solution for those undecided between a bunk bed in a dormitory and a private room.

Lee continued:

“At JO & JOE we wanted to let people do what they wanted to do, which is the free spirit of it, and it’s that spirit which is making spaces that work around you rather than you having to work around the hotel space. It’s a similar concept that we carry through, but we just want buildings and spaces to let people do what they naturally want to do, and feel comfortable, and I think the hospitality sector misses that core value a lot of the time.”

Other hotel facilities include the lively restaurant and bar. The menu varies season to season, but all the food is handmade, and includes classic French dishes, hearty sharers and a hot dog menu courtesy of Chef Monsieur Saucisse.

Here, there are also live events such as DJ set held, or yoga sessions and concerts and DIY sessions, which make local residents and travellers feel a part of a community, and visits more exciting.

Lee said:

“This project is hugely satisfying and important to us because it’s our arrival into the hospitality sector, and working with JO& JOE cements our global design presence. This will make us more global, and design a hotel that will capture local spirit. Above all, it’s a hotel that captures local spirit and importantly to us, is simply about people living life to the full and having fun.

“We are very much part of the family at Accor now, and we’re now looking at other brands with Accor and creating more revolutionary concepts within the world of hospitality. It’s a second home for us; it’s a big moment for the business. We’re looking forward to rolling out concepts in spectacular places all over the world.”

JOE & JOE aims to expand at an international level, and so over the next few years the brand is going to set up home in some of the biggest cities, in the most vibrant areas. Some such cities include London, Budapest, Glasgow, Paris, Rio de Janiero and Rome.

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