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Glenroyal Hotel Dublin

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The Glenroyal Hotel

A home away from home, offering a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, the Glenroyal Hotel offers excellent value accommodation and superb leisure facilities with separate swimming pools for adults and families. Located just a minutes’ walk from Maynooth Town and University, and twenty minutes from Dublin, the hotel has undergone a full refurbishment including its bedrooms, public areas and restaurant.

Most recently the hotel’s Arkle Bar was refurbished and reopened. Refurbished with a cosy plush décor, the bar includes crystal chandeliers, dark and light oak timber finishes, luxurious velvet fabrics, brass decorative lighting, antique mirrors and decorative wallpapers.

Work on the refurbishment was undertaken by Interior Designer, Michele Broderick. PREMIER HOSPITALITY MAGAZINE spoke to Michele about the project.

What exactly did this project involve?

“The bar area is quite a substantial sized bar area so it was done in two phases. There was an existing back snug area that we refurbished about three years ago. We then went and refurbished other areas of the hotel before coming back and doing the bulk of the bar refurbishment work.”

What were the timescales on this project?

“Realistically, on the main body of the bar there were a good 12 months between concepts, designs and redesigns and physically building and handing over. The bar was fully open and trading for the St Patrick’s Day bank holiday in March.”

Were you given a brief for the project?

“Because we had done the back snug area first and did that in a contemporary, traditional style, the client knew that he wanted to have an area that would cater for a whole range of people. It had to be comfortable, luxurious and could be used in private areas or for larger parties.”

What would you say are the design highlights in the new bar area?

“There are lots of design features in it! Because, with the way it has been done, you come in through the lobby and the first thing you are greeted with is a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling, which is over the cocktail bar. To the right and left of the cocktail bar there are double sided display cabinets that are LED lit, leading to the back snug.

“To the right hand side, there is a beautiful feature red brick salvage wall, which has created a snug in the centre of the scheme. This has a traditional feel with dark oak timber, salvage glass and concealed lighting. That then leads to a raised back area with beautiful booth seating for people who want to sit and eat. The whole place has been designed around a central island bar but it doesn’t look like an island bar because it has different areas coming off of it.”

Have you heard any feedback about what people think about the refurbishment?

“It is going down a storm. Everybody loves it and people say wow as soon as they walk in. Because people are able to move in different areas, they get the atmosphere from different sections. You can walk in one area and have one experience and then walk in another area and have a completely different experience. It is the place that keeps on giving!”

How important has this project been for you to be involved with?

“It is an important project for me because I have worked with the client for a long time. Every project I do is new and exciting and it is nice to see the hotel doing well. The place is just so alive again and it is great to see everybody enjoying it and loving what we have done.”


Glenroyal Hotel

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