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Hospitality Conference set to Challenge Traditional Thinking on Attracting and Engaging the Best Talent

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Speaker line-up includes top hotels, hospitality, Olympians, sports clubs and more.

A new hospitality leadership conference, taking place on 8 October in central London, is set to challenge the present landscape and traditional thinking around how to attract, win and engage future talent on a much deeper level. Hosted by industry thought-leader, EP Business in Hospitality, the conference, which is part of a new campaign to address the struggles many businesses face today, has already secured an impressive line-up of top industry speakers with more to follow.

From Olympic gold medallists, to top hotels and hospitality firms such as ehotelier European Hotel Manager’s Association and UK Hospitality to a former professional footballer, community football clubs and wellbeing, social and training providers, industry leaders will share their own perspectives on the people and culture challenges we face.  Speaking about their own experiences and hurdles, the day will involve a range of topics from the worlds of hospitality, business, sports and social initiatives, with the intention of bringing people together to support each other in the quest to retain top talent.

Key issues to be addressed include the impact of the emerging generations, the need for broader thinking, actions and behaviours of employers, learning & development and also social impact on community and society. The conference also expects to cover enjoyment of work, laughter, mental health issues, ethics and preparing the young for the workplace today.

Chris Sheppardson, CEO at EP Business in Hospitality explains: “There has been so much talk over the years about the struggles of millennial generations and the growing concerns over a decline in people and skills. Yet so much of what does take places is still rooted in the past.  Words are no longer enough, it’s time for real action and change. We have to embrace new ideas but we also have to work harder to create stronger cultures that support talent and people. Thankfully people are back on the board agenda again, but it’s time to face up to some of the issues that have been created as a result of past times.”

Conference speakers include:

  • Kate Nicholls, CEO UK Hospitality
  • Crista Cullen, GB Olympic Gold Medallist with Women’s Hockey Team at Rio 2016
  • Carrie Wicks, Founder, CAW Ventures
  • Donald Sloan, Founder. Oxford Cultural Collective
  • Tom Lasky, Business Development Director, Sodexo
  • Simon Berger, Founder, Mad World Summit
  • Michael Gray, European Hotel Manger’s Association
  • Adam Virgo, former professional footballer with Celtic and Brighton and now a BT Commentator
  • Korawad Chearavanont (CEO) and Robert Darling (COO), EKO App
  • Pete Fullard, CEO, Upskill People
  • Peter Jones, ehotelier and one of the UK’s leading educationalists
  • Cemal Ezel, Founder, Change Please
  • Galia Orme, Lewis FC – a community supported football club
  • Mark Pitcher – Founder, Smash The Box


* The conference is also sponsored by Upskill People, EKO App and Certus.

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