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K11 Musea B2 Level Design

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Written by Amy

After years of anticipation, the newly opened K11 MUSEA marks one of the most exciting addition to Hong Kong’s retail scene.  K11 MUSEA sets itself as the new benchmark of world-class experiential art, culture and retail landmark, standing right on the waterfront overlooking Victoria Harbour.

ST Design is proud to have been awarded the task of conceiving a new retail experience for the B2 level.

“The client aims to develop K11 MUSEA as Hong Kong’s most sophisticated museum-retail space with millennial appeal, combining retail with a beguiling mix of craft, heritage, design, and creativity. Thus, we constituted an artistic, ergonomic and theatrical spatial experience rather than a conventional shopping environment, where global millennials can come together to discover their muse,” said Stefano Tordiglione, Creative Director of ST Design.

Taking reference from the Northern Galleria in Italy, ST Design filled every corner of the 8,000-square-metre public space at K11 MUSEA’s B2 level with modern luxury and elegance. Under the high black metallic ceiling are three different types of floor tiles, including the hexagonal Cementine tiles that embody the charm of 19th century Italian design to demarcate different zones.

The use of sliding doors in black grid for all shops gives the whole environment a homogeneous and timeless atmosphere. It also provides a standard platform for the shops to present their brands’ personality in an effective way while maintaining the image of the shopping mall.

Another notable design is the vintage-looking public washrooms inside the B2 level. Rather than the usual monotone material, the ladies’ room is fitted with a series of glass panels in different shades of purple, pink and red as the cubicles’ doors.

“Retail is not about shopping any more, it’s about creating a one-of-a-kind experience for consumers, especially for those who crave for a ‘phygital’, both physical and digital shopping experience. The new retail experience is also about inspiration and the chemical reaction with all the artistic thoughts demonstrated in the area,” Stefano continued.

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