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New Phase Construction

New Phase Construction
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New Phase Construction

New Phase Construction is a family run building contractor with over 50 years experience of building projects of all complexities. They specialise in commercial and residential building projects including new builds, refurbishments, extensions, fit outs, insurance works and maintenance. The professional team include skilled craftsmen, and specialist sub-contractors, ensuring high quality results for every client. Clients can expect and will receive an expert service and high standard of workmanship from New Phase Construction. Client satisfaction is paramount and New Phase Construction has excellent relationships with their clients.

As a business, they pride themselves on their innovation and to providing solutions to client’s problems. The dedicated team has the flexibility and expertise to undertake all projects and problems including minor repairs and maintenance to major refurbishments, new build projects, loft conversions and major construction works.

Jason Winch of New Phase Construction told PREMIER CONSTRUCTION: CHANNEL ISLANDS: “Our company varies from installing windows to brand new builds, and we’re now doing our own projects so we’ve got our own developments too, like Falmar in St Martins which we bought and did up and then sold on. It keeps the company going, but there are challenges sometimes. It has its up and downs but it’s all part of the day to day and when you’ve built it and can see the end result and think ‘oh I’ve built that’ you can leave it and walk away, knowing that the build was something you built.”

Jason told us about a few of New Phase Constructions projects in a bit more detail:

Queens View

“Queens View is a triple oak garage, built with oak, and upstairs there is a habitable room and bathroom. It’s been finished at a high standard, is quite large and what you expect from an oak garage. The project is finished and it all went smoothly. We are currently in the process of getting the driveway done.”


“Selhurst is a very large extension; double the size of the house and includes a new kitchen, dining room and chill out room. For this project, the client came to us because they’d heard about our work. It is currently ongoing because it’s a 7-8 month project and the client is out of the country at the moment. However, we found something unexpected with it; we had to knock part of the garage through. Originally, we were going to keep the garage as it was and build next to it but we found that there were no footings, as well as finding an old man made hole in the middle and the job became a simple footing, into a reinforced job which changed the whole job. You do sometimes  encounter the unexpected in jobs like this as much as you don’t, and  the only time you encounter these things is when you start taking things apart;  that’s when we find things that we didn’t know about, so when this happens we let the client know, explain the costs and then go from there.”


“Enola was a small extension to the rear of the property. We added a kitchen and dining room, but this one had special features, for example, brick walls that were lime washed and also large panes of glass at the rear to get the light in because it’s such a small house. The challenge with this one was that everything had to go through the front door so we had to hand deliver and handle everything. The location of it was the difficulty. It took 6 months and was completed on time.”

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