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South Lake Leisure Centre

South Lake
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South Lake Leisure Centre

The South Lake Leisure Centre will be opening in 2020 with world class facilities for everyone

Designed by renowned architect practice McAdam Design, the £35m South Lake Leisure Centre is the largest project within Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council’s ambitious capital investment programme, and it is set to be at the forefront of indoor and outdoor leisure provision in Northern Ireland. World class facilities include three pools, the largest gym in Northern Ireland, a multi-use 8-court sports hall, a spin room, dance studio, café, soft play area, two squash courts and an outdoor adventure centre that will provide paddle-sports, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, and banana boats on the picturesque lake.

McAdam Design was appointed as the leading architect practice in 2011 and Farrans Construction was appointed as main contractor in 2014. Both companies have offices in the UK and Ireland and appreciate the importance of sourcing a local workforce and local materials wherever possible. The construction phase has created more than 500 jobs and additional staff will be employed to run the new leisure facility when it opens.

2017 was the year that Ustigate began their new and thoughtful creative process on behalf of McAdam Design, Farrans Construction and the ABC Council and Ustigate’s task was to maximise the future fun to be had in the fun pool at the South Lake Leisure Centre.

In their fifty-four years of aquatic design, Ustigate is proud there are no two concepts the same. For every project is special and unique in its location and Ustigate’s design team approach every project with fresh eyes, innovative ideas and an ever-growing choice of interactive products from Vortex International to guarantee water players the latest thrill.

The South Lake Leisure Centre was a tall order from the start with a desire to utilise the available height and include a waterslide measuring eight metres from the ground up. Whilst a ride from a great height will always be an attraction and a must have for those wishing to create the ultimate thrill for their confident aquatic enthusiasts, it is not an inclusive item and it does not have the ability to entertain several water players at the same time. A tall flume needs to sit amongst other aquatic play items for a facility to be inclusive and achieve crowd pleasing status. On the 3rd January 2019, following much attention to detail, the South Lake Leisure Centre team arrived at a design that ticked all the boxes. Packed to the brim and overflowing with features, the finalised concept provides a multi-level indoor aquatic adventure for all of Craigavon to have fun.

Ustigate’s bespoke Elevation™ is 32.33 metres in length, 14.03 metres wide and 8.38 metres high. The structure consists of nine staircases, eleven platforms, sixty-two water features and two waterslides. The Elevation is bright, cheerful, and inviting, because of the activities and experiences it offers and because the vibrant colours red, blue, green, orange and fuchsia invite everyone on board for a splashing spree.

One end of the Elevation is an aquatic play paradise for Craigavon’s youngest water players, featuring staircases of no more than three steps at a time and platforms of varying heights, providing views at 1 metre, 1.8 metres and 2.4 metres. It is a journey that meanders up and around to platform four where little ones are rewarded with the offer of a ride. The entire journey from ground to slide is 0 – 2.4 metres and completely safe as each stairway and platform is encased with complementary panels. The waterslide at 2.4 metres is a bright red closed flume with three bends and a run-out to provide a safe landing point. An intermediate waterslide maximises the fun to be had for all ages at the South Lake Leisure Centre and it will promote water confidence in early childhood development.

The second waterslide on the Elevation is one that budding aquatic enthusiasts will aspire to; a high-entry fuchsia flume guaranteed to thrill Craigavon’s most confident with its double loop the loop and longer ride. All ascending and descending routes on the Elevation will be incredibly exciting with sixty-two water features on board, each creating its own individual water movement. There are products that resemble flowers and leaves, and plentiful water hoses for families and friends to engage in group play. For those that prefer their aquatic play at ground level, an inclusive splashpad with an additional sixteen products is being installed. All products are sourced from Ustigate’s long term partner Vortex International, an award-winning company that has completed 7600 installations in 50 countries.

The new state of the art South Lake Leisure Centre is on schedule to open in 2020, with exciting indoor and outdoor amenities designed and built for everyone.


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