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Smart Motorways

Smart Motorways
Written by Amy

Highways England has released the following statement in response to the “Smart Motorway Safety – Evidence Stock-take and Action Plan” published by the Department for Transport.

Jim O’Sullivan, Highways England Chief Executive, said: “Every death in any road accident is tragic, and we are determined to do all we can to make our roads as safe as possible. We will be taking forward the measures the Secretary of State for Transport has set out, and we will be improving further our information to drivers to help them be safer on all of our roads, including our smart motorway network.”

Highways England has also released the following reports which summarise the findings of the one year after evaluation study:

M1 Junction 39 to 42 Smart Motorway

M1 Junction 10 to 13 Smart Motorway and junction improvements 

M6 Junction 5 to 8 Smart Motorway 

M6 Junction 8 to 10a Smart Motorway

M6 Junction 10a to 13 Smart Motorway

M25 Junction 5 to 7 Smart Motorway

M25 Junction 23 to 27 Smart Motorway

M4 Junction 19 to 20 Smart Motorway and M5 Junction 15 to 17 Smart Motorway 

A Smart Motorway evidence stocktake and action plan has also been released, which can be found here.


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