Working at height? You can count on the ATLAS safety net

ATLAS safety testThe Association of Technical Lighting and Access Specialists (ATLAS) has been supporting its member companies in the working at height industry since 1946. It has been continually striving to improve working practices, technical quality and accepted standards in the steeplejack and lightning protection sectors. The benefit is naturally felt by member companies, but also extends to clients of members who work within this specialist sector.

ATLAS was formed to promote the common interests of steeplejacking and lightning conductor engineering companies. By working to maintain a high standard of conduct, combat unfair practices and encourage safety and efficiency, it offers its members access to the best industry knowledge and advice available.

ATLAS is governed by a council elected annually by the membership which meets four times a year. Meetings are open to all ATLAS members to participate in discussions on industry topics, to pose questions and to meet with other member companies to further both their own development and that of the industry.

Outside the quarterly meetings, work continues throughout the year in the form of committee activity, ensuring that ATLAS remains at the forefront of all industry developments, influencing decisions, improving standards and reporting back to its members.

Membership of ATLAS is carefully monitored and all companies are obliged to abide by the association’s constitution and code of conduct.

Association Objectives

  • To ensure high standards of safety, both for management and operatives, through a comprehensive range of training and qualification
  • To protect others who may be affected by their operations
  • To maintain a high standard of professional conduct and ensure members comply with current regulations
  • To represent to clients a hallmark of quality and efficiency
  • To secure equitable forms of contract with clients and to discourage unfair and unsafe work practises


ATLAS is fronted by figures who have built up years, if not decades, of industry experience, and who all share a belief and willingness to work for the benefit and betterment of the industry. The association’s presidency is currently held by Graeme Fisher. Graeme joined the established steeplejack and lightning protection company A.W. Elliott in 1974, and through the years held positions as contracts supervisor, contracts manager, contracts director, managing director, and company chairman until 2004, when the business assets were sold to Omega Red Group.

Graeme has been an active member of ATLAS since the 1980s, becoming heavily involved in lightning protection matters and representing ATLAS on BSI technical committees for lightning protection and earthing for over 20 years.

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