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Preserving history

Preserving history, By Peter Crossen, NCH Europe
Written by Roma Publications

Preserving history, By Peter Crossen, NCH Europe

 By Peter Crossen, NCH Europe

 Archaeologists from the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo discovered a Viking burial ground, estimated to date back to the year 1030, in Langeid in 2011. However, the sword they discovered buried in the ground alongside the coffin of an influential gentleman has only recently hit the headlines as the Museum opens an exhibition showcasing the remarkable finds from the excavation.

The effect of rust on this artefact is immediately apparent, however the battle against oxidation is something that has long plagued archaeologists, collectors and museums. Preserving objects of historical interest or importance for future generations means a daily battle against contaminants and potentially corrosive elements such as oxidation and rust.

Unlike brass and gold, iron does not stabilise once the patina of rust has taken hold and the process of chemical decay continues under the surface. This can have a devastating effect on items stored or displayed in museums around the world.

The World  Fund provides around $4 million (US) a year to support the protection of state parties’ heritage and in the UK alone the Heritage Lottery Fund, the largest dedicated funder of heritage in the UK since 1994, invests £375 million annually to protect sites of national, historical importance and advance archaeology discoveries.

If funds such as these and many, many more, invest so heavily and work so hard to stop rust destroying artifacts that sit in glass cases, investing in proper rust removal and prevention technology to protect equipment and machinery you use every day seems only logical, doesn’t it?

At NCH Europe we’ve developed our pH neutral, non-corrosive X-Rust 7 liquid and gel rust remover, which eliminates even severe rust in just 24 hours, as well as rust prevention products such as Resist X Extra or HyZinc Extra to help you keep your valuable machinery in full working order. Rust doesn’t have to erode your business, or your valuable artifacts, with proper protection.

Perhaps if the Vikings had been able to get their hands on our HyZinc Extra and used it to create a galvanic barrier on that sword, it could have been pulled from the burial ground ready for its next battle!

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