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Fresh new move for Jersey Oyster

Jersey OysterJersey-based shellfish processing facility Jersey Oyster is approaching the 90% completion point of its brand new £1.5million, self-funded plant. 

The move will see the company, who specialise in processing oysters and mussels, relocate its operation from two previously rented properties on the island to a new family-owned site at La Ferme, Grouville.

Including the obtainment of planning permission, the development of the site has been a seven-year process; however, the feedback received so far has been very positive. jersey oyster

The new 1500 sq m facility comprises three designated zones that have been designed to minimise noise and disruption to the local neighbourhood.  The main work will be contained within the building, whilst there will be an unloading area to the side for tractors and trailers coming from the beach. Oysters taken from the trailers will then be fed through the building to up to a dozen staff, who will operate grading and sorting machinery. jersey oyster

Directly adjacent to this will be a separate purification and pre-packing area, which will enable the company to develop the product further.  The shellfish will then be purified and exported from the island, with a large percentage of the produce transported to France and around the UK.

The oysters that Jersey Oyster sources are grown on the beach, just a few hundred yards from the site. Following their selection, they are brought up to the building to be graded and sorted.  As this process is repeated several times throughout a two-year growing cycle, the move will help improve the efficiency of the work at the plant whilst reducing disruption to the surrounding area.jersey oyster

The design of the facility was conceived by local architects Dyson & Buesnel, but subcontracted out to Le Boucher SAS who completed the main structure and Lebre SAS who completed some of the interior fit-outs.  John Allo from Tillyard was project manager for the build and he assisted the project to ensure it was delivered on budget and on time.

A Jersey Oyster spokesman said: “On the exterior we’ve gone for a rendered look finish on the cladding panels.  To the north and the east of the site there are evergreen oaks, poplars and a range of hawthorn hedges that screen the site very well. This means that the roofline isn’t all that visible as the trees on both sides of the property shelter it.”

“It’s a nice design and people who may have been critical at one point have been pretty complimentary about it.” jersey oyster

The remainder of the work includes a few finishing touches to the exterior of the facility and the completion of the interior fit-out.  Jersey Oyster is set to open on 21st January 2012.

Speaking about the project’s progress, Jersey Oyster’s spokesman said: “We’ve been very fortunate that this year has been exceptionally dry, and we’ve only experienced one fifth of the average rainfall in the last few months.”


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