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Milman 800: An exciting new innovation in height safety

Milman 800: An exciting new innovation in height safety

In June 2000, Scaffold Company owner David Millership began a worldwide search for a product that would allow his employees to work safely and efficiently at height.

David, whose company is based in Port Talbot in South Wales, explained:

“Regulations in 2000 – later updated in 2005 – were issued about working at height and stated that you had to wear a full body harness whatever the height, and that, wherever possible you must prevent a fall, rather than mitigate the result.

“A full body harness only guarantees you protection above six metres so I went to safety companies to see if I could buy something that would protect my men who work at height everyday; be it 2 metres, 3 metres or higher.”

At the time of David’s search, products on the market, both in the UK and internationally, were either only suitable for people working above six metres or they confined the user to a very limited work space. The products were not fit for purpose.

David added:

“If you read the specifications closely, some require up to 10 metres of clearance for fall protection. This is a problem not just in the scaffold industry, but the transport industry, house building, roofing, everywhere where anybody works above the ground.”

Milman 800: An exciting new innovation in height safety

As a result of David’s findings he decided to design and develop his own product to provide the perfect solution.

David said:

“I have never set out to do anything like this before but have found it both interesting and rewarding. There have been many set backs along the way, but every person and company I have involved in the development have been massively interested in its results.”

With some £200K invested in design and development – including £70K in support from the Welsh Government – David is launching the Milman 800.

The Milman 800 is a one piece personal fall protection system which provides protection at just 2.4m above ground. The system harnesses the combination of high tensile strength and minimum extension to produce exceptional reduction in anchor loadings, impact forces, and line displacement.

Milman 800: An exciting new innovation in height safety

Realising the broad appeal of the product, the Milman 800 is currently being introduced to a variety of sectors including construction, transport, oil & gas, petro chemicals, utilities, local authorities and event management companies. David is keen to talk to specifiers and compliance managers to help them with height safety management.

David’s company was the first in Wales to enter into collaboration with Qinetic of Farnborough to utilise their resources worldwide to source and develop a fall arrest system that overcomes the shortfalls found in existing products.

David commented:

“I have been able to use the expertise of Qinetic, the original Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, Welsh universities, the Rubber and Plastics Research Association, The Motor Industry Research Establishment and advanced computer modelling to produce this exciting product.”

Milman 800: An exciting new innovation in height safety

Milman 800 has been patented and independently tested at the SATRA Technology Centre in Kettering and has been certified to comply with EN 795 Class B and C industrial standards.

Weighing just 2.5kg the Milman 800 is a compact and lightweight horizontal safety line system with a unique built-in ‘in-line’ shock absorber, giving the user freedom to work safely, effectively and efficiently whilst operating at height. The set up is quick and Milman 800 works with all standard anchors and body safety harnesses.

David added:

“It sounds over the top to say the Milman 800 is groundbreaking, but it really is.

Milman 800: An exciting new innovation in height safety

“Milman 800 is a Welsh product – manufactured and assembled by DMM International in North Wales who are one of the most respected companies in the climbing industry.

“I now want to develop a family of products using the same technology, to have a safety and innovation company based in South Wales which can also create jobs in South Wales.”

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