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 Less than one in ten construction firms use life-saving defibrillators, and many that are installed are effectively useless, according to a new survey by DOC UK.

The research concluded that, of respondents who worked in construction firms equipped with defibrillators, two fifths (39 per cent) said they did not know how to use the equipment and overall a tenth (9 per cent) reported that they did not even know what a defibrillator was.

Vincent Mathieu, Managing Director of DOC UK, said: “There are 124,000 heart attacks annually in the UK, but construction, with its large workforces and physical labour, has a heightened risk of heart attacks on sites. In countries such as Switzerland it’s common to see defibrillators on construction sites. In the UK, however, very few construction firms have this life saving equipment.”

Dean Floyd, Managing Director for Chigwell construction, a firm regularly uses portable defibrillators, said:

“Defibrillators are essential pieces of kit for a construction firm. Partly because of the physical work involved, and partly because you can be working with dangerous materials, electricity and heights, construction has a high risk of accidents and health and safety incidents compared to other professions.”

DOC UK manufactures a defibrillator which is constantly monitored and which connects a user to a call centre so an expert can guide the user through the defibrillation process. For more information, please visit:

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