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Stephenson Gobin Ltd. complete million pound expansion

Engineering and manufacturing company Stephenson Gobin Ltd. has recently completed its relocation from High Etherley to a bigger refurbished facility in South Church Enterprise Park.

South Church Enterprise Park is an established industrial estate, already hosting a number of large manufacturing businesses and plays an important role in the local economy. It is a location where expansion of existing businesses and development of new business is expected to meet the economic growth objectives of County Durham.

This unit had been vacant for around two years and therefore the redevelopment was welcomed by Durham County Council.

Stephenson Gobin Ltd.’s development of the site comprised the refurbishment of an already existing factory building, previously operated by a company manufacturing coat hangers, and also the construction of a new office block.

It is hoped by the County Council that the new industrial facility could create a significant number of jobs in the local area.

Speaking about the development, John Bramley, Project Manager said:

“Stephenson Gobin Ltd. got to a situation where it needed larger premises as the business developed.

“The factory units in South Church Enterprise Park needed to be refurbished as they were in poor condition. The external cladding was reasonable but internally it needed a complete overhaul. We started from scratch with full electrical, mechanical and heating installation.

“When completed last year all the factory equipment was moved from Stephenson Gobin Ltd.’s site in High Etherley to the new facility. Everything now operates on one level making it much more efficient.

“The second element to the development was the construction of the office block, which began last July and was completed in March.

“Quite a large car parking facility has also been constructed at the rear, and there is an additional large service yard for delivery and collection traffic.”

Christopher Padgett Architects was the practice commissioned for the development. Speaking about the new facility, Architect, John White said: “The existing industrial unit has been redeveloped in addition to the construction of a new two storey office block attached to the front. The original factory was stripped of all mechanical and electrical installations, fully cleaned and redecorated. Work was completed in March and progressed without any hiccups.”

Stephenson Gobin Ltd. is a holding company that provides a first point of contact for the two main brands, Geofire and SG Transmission. All functions within both sides of the company now operate from the new facilities in South Church Enterprise Park, from sales and marketing to R&D, design and manufacture.

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