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A new horizon for Sunhill

Established since 1991 Sunhill Daycare operates across the South East of England providing top quality care for children from three months to five years.

They currently operate nine nurseries with the tenth set to open its doors in Grantham Close, Royston this spring.

Sunhill use a variety of properties both old and new, one of which is listed. All meet current building, fire, and health & hygiene regulations. Each nursery is properly equipped for small children, with safe changing areas, and low-level toilets and washbasins. All have modern kitchens approved and inspected regularly by the Public Health and Hygiene Departments.

Speaking about the new nursery, Facilities Manager, Steve Moss said:

“This new build will provide for between 75 and 80 children. It is a single storey building which is replacing the existing Sunhill nursery.

“The construction has been carried out to a fairly high tech standard given the carbon footprint issues. We have therefore incorporated an array of photovoltaic panels in addition to solar thermal panels, and an external air source heat pump.

“The building itself is a brick structure with block walling, thermal insulation and a tiled roof.  We started work in September last year and are currently carrying out external work such as the car park, disabled access ramps and we will soon be putting down artificial grass in the enclosed garden.”

When asked what the new nursery would mean to the local community, Steve added:

“Potentially the nursery could provide more jobs in the area, providing it is popular. Almost half of the places have already been taken by the existing nursery and obviously the increase in capacity gives parents in the area an increase in day-care choice.

“I think it is good that Sunhill is willing to invest given the current climate.”

A spokesperson for Sunhill added:

“Sunhill Daycare’s team of professional carers provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment for children to develop early learning skills using the latest best practice.

“Sunhill understand the difficulties faced by parents in entrusting the care of a very young child to others. However, we believe the high standards we set ourselves, our staff, and our nurseries will provide the necessary reassurance to parents when entrusting us with the care of their child.”

The history of Sunhill nurseries dates back to the 1960’s when teacher, Mrs Ione Banner opened one of the earliest children’s nurseries in the country at The Mount, a large Victorian House in Sun Hill, at Royston in Hertfordshire.

It operated successfully for several years and closed shortly before the Chapman family acquired the property in 1985. Following a late addition to their family, and their inability to locate suitable childcare in the area, they decided to re-open the nursery in 1991 to provide care for their own daughter and other children in area. The location the first nursery in Royston is South facing and one of the highest points in the town, hence the name ‘Sun Hill’. The owners could think of no better name for a children’s nursery.

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