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Rhead Group named first Acumen approved services partner

Rhead Group, the professional services consultancy, has been named Acumen’s first approved services partner. 

As an approved services partner, Rhead Group has demonstrated the expertise and capability to provide training, implementation and customisation services using the full capabilities of the Acumen Software Suite.

Consisting of Acumen Fuse, Acumen Risk, and Acumen 360, the software suite offers the schedule diagnostics, risk analytics, and project optimization capabilities necessary for assuring that the project schedule is accurate and reliable, and supports the management decision-making process.

Rhead Group’s industry knowledge and expertise allows them to effectively implement Acumen into a client’s project or portfolio of projects.  Rhead Group consultants are able to customise and build client-specific analytical metrics to ensure the management teams receive maximum value and clarity of information from their project data.  This partnership between Acumen and Rhead Group will ensure that clients maximise their investment in the software package and have greater control over the outcomes of their projects.

Acumen’s rigorous approval process ensures that its users have the utmost confidence when contracting service providers, as the increased demand for its software in turns demands distinction and qualification on the part of the providers.  It is therefore a significant achievement for Rhead Group to be named Acumen’s first approved services partner.

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