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Redeveloping Blacon’s crematorium

Blacon Crematorium

Built in 1965, Blacon’s crematorium has been providing services to Chester, Ellesmere Port, Neston, Frodsham and the surrounding villages, for almost 50 years.

Recently, the crematorium underwent a fantastic transformation in order to provide new high-tech facilities and a greater capacity for mourners.

The crematorium building officially opened on Monday, 25th March 2013 and to date approximately 1100 cremation services have taken place.

The chapel accommodates up to 160 seated mourners with standing room within the chapel for a further 50. In addition the chapel entrance can be utilised as an overflow area where mourners can view the service.

Little features have been introduced to assist the Clergy/Celebrant with the timing of their services, with an ingenious traffic light system fitted to the side of the lectern. Green light indicates service has commenced, Amber indicates you have fifteen minutes remaining and Red informs the officiator that the service should be finished!

New technology features will help families to personalise their loved ones’ funeral service with the option of selecting music and other media like video, DVDs and pictures throughout the service.

The room houses the traditional books of remembrance and a new electronic version. This facility allows families to view memorial entries online via the council’s web site or by a smart phone or tablet.

Blacon Crematorium

An ornate path walkway with distinctive low lighting has been provided for visitors to easily access the exiting garden of remembrance areas and the overflow car park. At the end of the ornate path is a large circle design landscaped area for the housing of new memorial schemes.

Land adjacent to the crematorium building has been allocated for future burial plots, 700 of which will be laid out on completion of the project with provision for a further 800 in the future.

A dedicated baby garden has also been provided with special features such as an adult summer house to allow for grieving parents and other visitors to place toys and other memorial testaments. This area is surrounded by natural landscaping providing a peaceful and private place.

Behind the scenes two fully automated Joule Cremators are installed with an automatic charge system in place. Refrigeration facilities are also provided.

Blacon Crematorium

To deliver sustainability the building has natural ventilation with the surplus heat from the cremation process being used to heat water and the chapel building. Upon exit of the building, mourners are able to view floral tributes undercover. Adjacent to the Crematorium is a dedicated Remembrance Room.

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