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Guttermaster, roof drainage

Over the past two decades, Guttermaster has been taking care of the roof drainage and rain-screening of buildings across the spectrum from traditional to ultra-modern.

Modern retail structures requiring hidden gutters, anti-climb down pipes and intricate roof edge detail represents the main activities of the company.

More recently however, the company has increasingly partnered with its architect/developer client base to produce more interesting and in some cases stunning façade finishes. In recognition of this change in direction, a sister company Fusion Facades Limited was formed to concentrate on this growing and challenging engineering sector.

Mike McKee, Managing Director reflects on the stunning Clapham One development where 620 mirror finish stainless steel window liners were specified in 36 different formats. “The end result is truly a landmark building and we are proud to say that the liners we supplied, many of which project out from the face of the structure, have helped make this award winning building the most exciting mixed use structure in London today.”

Looking at the company’s involvement in St. Georges Battersea Rise developments, Guttermaster brought its roof edge engineering skills to bear on the faceted capping detail which lends style to a busy roofscape.

The company’s recent £1m contract to face The Filaments apartment block in Wandsworth SW18 with colour coded aluminium rainscreen panels involves it once again in an exciting landmark project.

Guttermaster, roof drainage

“There seems to be no doubt that practical weather proof answers to securing the building envelope, from the roof to ground floor will require effective and aesthetic solutions for many years to come” said Mike Mckee.

“I’m delighted that the design and manufacturing capabilities of Guttermaster and Fusion Facades can be brought to bear in this exciting and challenging arena.”

As a forward thinking company, Guttermaster is also aware of the dangers that school children face if hurricane force winds rip insecure school roof structures apart and scatter debris across the playgrounds in the UK. Of particular interest to UK manufacturer Guttermaster is the continued safe performance of its parapet roof wall capping system, Snaplock.

At the leading UK test institution, CERAM, the Snaplok system was exposed to ripping forces equivalent to over 200 miles per hour.

Mike said: “We’re proud to have been the first wall capping supplier to take this threat to our children’s safety seriously. Our products are now officially among the safest around.”

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