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Trapeze Bar & Restaurant

Trapeze Bar & Restaurant , Great Eastern Street, London

Trapeze Bar & Restaurant has taken Shoreditch by storm with its quirky circus themed imagery and the impressive food and drinks offer.

Situated on Great Eastern Street in London the venue opened on the 25th March this year to a very receptive audience.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Lead Designer on the project, Adrian Abel who is the Director of Tibbatts Abel interior design consultancy, to find out more. He told us he became involved in the development after being asked by Mirimar Leisure to come up with some innovative ideas for the venue which would appeal to the market and create a strong brand identity. Adrian added:

There are so many other events and venues in the area that it was quite a challenge for us to find something that fitted the bill for this project. The space itself had been left unused for a while due to licensing issues with the previous owners and so we needed to create something that was bright and fresh in order to launch to a different customer base.

Trapeze Bar & Restaurant , Great Eastern Street, London

So we came up with the idea of developing an aged circus theme and have utilised the height of the space to mount items such as trapeze rings, steel bars and juggling balls, as well as installing fixed seating and a plethora of features which relate to 1940’s theatre and circus events.”

Guests enter the venue from the street straight into the buildings to be greeted by the bar area. The bar is adorned with a panelled front which has been painted black and white and has circus memorabilia situated behind it. On the left hand side aged fairground ride seating has been installed in front of an exposed brickwork wall; Adrian said the design team were keen to use a lot of the original fabric of the building as a backdrop to the circus artefacts scattered throughout. Throughout the venue’s circus themed graphics adorn the walls and therefore continue to the adventurous theme.

The ground floor also boasts some impressive features, such as genuine ropes, circus rings and acrobatic performance items, which have been suspended from the ceiling and integrated with lighting to create a vast illuminated feature piece.


Trapeze Bar & Restaurant , Great Eastern Street, London

Tibbatts Abel, assisted by main contractors CCI Developments, also installed an array of seating within the centre space of the premises focusing on the elevated DJ set at the far end of the space. The DJ set has been installed in order to enable the venue to be act as a restaurant and, when appropriate, as a late night operation.

The ground floor also contains a mezzanine level which comprises low seating, a small independent bar area and some circus theming including an aged red and ochre vertical stripe which evokes the idea of a 1940’s circus. This kind of imagery can be found throughout Trapeze, situated behind the DJ set a large illuminated star feature exemplifies the old fashioned circus theming.

The basement area of the building spans a large open space, which is not themed, and instead is to be utilised as a vast music venue. The space can be independently accessed from the street but can also be entered from the ground floor. Therefore the two floors can be operated separately or in conjunction depending on the event. The simple space is very versatile and so is great for parties and a late night music venue. The area comprises a DJ set, a state of the art sound system and impressive lighting facilities.

Trapeze Bar & Restaurant , Great Eastern Street, London


Adrian added that the feedback so far has been amazing with guests amazed by the faded circus glamour. The venue has received a lot of attention and so the food offer has only recently been launched as the team firstly wanted to deal with the pre-bookings.

He added:

Trapeze is such a high profile site and having such a unique opportunity to develop something which is innovative in this area is important for us and our client.”

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