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Spotlight on Checkmate Devices Ltd

Checkmate Devices

Checkmate Devices Ltd was established in the UK in 1962 and specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of safes for use in vehicles.

Entitled Travel Safes, the firm’s products offer an array of impressive features which have been specially developed to reduce the risk of attack to drivers transporting valuable items.

The safes contain front line anti snatch protection; all of the firm’s products are available in various different sizes and can be easily fitted into most vehicles. Checkmate aims to keep all companies profits safe, and their drivers secure, in a time of rising crime.

Drivers do not hold the keys to their vehicles safe and this is advertised on the front of every device in the hope of deterring opportunist attackers. The locks and keys fitted to all Checkmate Safes can only be supplied through Checkmate Devices Ltd who keep a record of locks and serial numbers so clients can obtain replacement locks and keys on request. The majority of the models fit directly into a base plate, which is a permanently fixed to the vehicle floor.

Checkmate Devices

The safes manufactured by Checkmate come in four different styles including The Plain Lid Safes, The Slotted Lid Safes, The Roll Top Safes, and The Coin Chute Safes.

To find out more about these innovative products please call 01308 423871 or visit our new web site at

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