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Clinique Pinel

Clinique Pinel, Jersey
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Clinique Pinel, Jersey

Refurbishment is complete on Clinique Pinel in Jersey after beginning in spring last year.

The psychiatry service, situated to the north of La Route de la Hougue Bie, provides facilities for assessment, treatment and respite for people aged 65 and over who have mental health problems and require service based in a hospital setting.

The clinic is comprised of two separate wards: Beech ward and Cedar ward which each lean towards separate areas of specialty. Patients from the previous third leg of the building, Lavender ward, have been moved into the private sector allowing the existing building to be remodelled and refurbished to meet modern day standards which are both safe and secure, whilst remaining a comfortable and homely environment.

Clinique Pinel’s Beech Ward provides care for those living with mental health illnesses such as dementia and experiencing difficulties living in the community. Cedar Ward specializes in assessment and treatment for other mental health issues which come on suddenly such as depression, anxiety or psychosis.

Reports found that the hospital facilities were outdated, in a poor state of repair and in need of significant work to meet current standards. The project has been competed to upgrade the existing building which has been done to better meet the needs of the clinic’s patients.

Clinique Pinel, Jersey

Over the past year, Jersey’s 34-bed assessment clinic has undergone a complete refurbishment and redevelopment process to modernize the wards of Clinique Pinel. The purpose of the project was to upgrade and remodel the existing building to improve its functionality to meet the needs of its patient groups as well as to generally refurbish the internal environment while improving infection control and fire strategies. Beech Ward now provides a 7 bedroom recovery/rehabilitation unit and an 8 bedroom assessment unit and Cedar Ward now provides 8 beds for males and 6 for females.

The project began on 17th June last year, and was a complete 52 week contract. The building was stripped back to structural block work and completely remodelled and refurbished to an exceptionally high standard. The only remaining features from the previous finish were the windows, the roof and the external walls. The total cost of the project was £2.94million and was entirely funded by the States of Jersey.

During the redevelopment of Clinique Pinel, the ward areas were decanted into the private sector and Rosewood House. This was in order for the facilities to still be available to patients and the community while the works on the wards were taking place.

Working to aid the patients, the Project Architects Jersey Property Holdings and the main contractors Larsen –who were awarded the project after a competitive tendering completion – worked in cooperation with the States of Jersey to create a clean, purpose built whilst still contemporary looking venue.

Clinique Pinel, Jersey

The project also included some exterior landscaping including external redecoration as well as a new ground floor patio and first floor balcony.

Jersey Property Holding Architectural and Jersey Property Holding Services Sections’ worked closely with The Dementia Services Development Centre at Sterling University, who provided the technical  design guidance in terms of the building’s layout and finishes; the colour scheme and material choices were entirely determined by the end use, all of the finishes are within the confines of infection control regulations.

To aid patients living with organic mental health issues such as dementia the designers used colour coding on doorways.

Tony Norman, Capital Projects Manager at States of Jersey said: “The end user determined the finishes. Doors to all toilets and patient areas were finished in green and brown to provide a strong contrast with the surrounding yellow wall finishes. Doors that are not for use by patients’ were disguised by painting them in a similar colour as walls, with use of minimal signage. So the requirements of the wards had a significant input in that level of detail to ensure that the colour schemes and operational uses were just right.”

Clinique Pinel, Jersey

The refurbishment project will be beneficial to the community and now provides modern, fit for purpose assessment and admission facilities that are safe, secure and comfortable for vulnerable members of the community who are in need of full time or part time care.

Tony Norman concluded by saying:

“It was interesting for me to be working with a committed user group to develop the client’s brief and to understand the needs of their patients, as well as understanding the challenges which the staff who care for patients face every day. My expressed interest was also shared by the design team and the main contractor, both of whom worked hard to find workable solutions to deliver results based on a complex brief within the confines of an existing building and on a limited budget.”

Clinique Pinel, Jersey

For more information, please visit: www.gov.je.


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