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Lush Oxford Street
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Lush Oxford Street

 The new store for Lush has opened on London’s busiest shopping destination; Oxford Street, and is its biggest yet spanning across three floors and holding over 200 exclusive Lush products which launched especially for the opening.

Previously on the Oxford Street site was Jack & Jones and Vera Moda, so Lush tore the existing interiors out to create a stripped back industrial shell for the design works, including the removal of the stores escalators.

Jen Hilton, Project Manager for Lush Oxford Street, told us:

“We wanted customers to notice what was going on upstairs as soon as they walked in on the ground floor and to create a unit that would have excellent customer flow and allow customers to really experience the different areas of the store by walking into them; which is why we incorporated an open staircase rather than keeping the existing escalators.”

Lush Oxford Street

Jen said that the property came about in the right place at the right time, and is thrilled to have acquired it in the location they have.

She said:

“Oxford Street is where every retailer aims to have their flagship store and we are delighted to be there.”

Construction works on site began at the end of October 2014 and were covered by Main Contractors McCue Crafted Fit and Architects Design Time. All of the store design was completed internally by Lush.

October saw the beginning of the enabling phase, which included stripping the building back to an empty shell, removing the escalators and filling in holes in the floors. The cosmetic phase proceeded in January. The project completed and the store opened to the public on 24th April 2015.

Lush Oxford Street

The ground floor of the new Lush store is home to the brand’s shower products, skincare and hair care. This level also incorporates an element which is in no other Lush store; the rear of the ground floor holds a brand new hair lab which allows customers to have henna hair treatments and try products before they purchase.

Up one level, the first floor showcases Lush’s iconic bath products, including innovative bath ballistics and bubble bars. This level also contains an extensive gift section and an entertainment area; where Lush host live events and parties.

Lush Oxford Street has over 200 products which are unique to the store. The brand have just recently made a selection of these available in all other shops following the success at this store. More will roll out at a later date.

Jen told us:

“Lush Oxford Street is a very individual store and we’re looking to maintain its individuality and it being different to any of our international stores. One of the key elements is the Gorilla Gallery, on our basement floor; this is a collection of images based on our Gorilla Perfume collection.

Lush Oxford Street

“The basement also has a large spa area which, even though we do have a number of spas across the UK, is unique to this store.”

Following the opening in April, the Lush Oxford Street Store has welcomed millions of customers, seeing store sales figures soar. The store has had a large amount of press coverage and social media interest, something Jen is very pleased with.

She said:

“Feedback has been incredible, we’ve had lots of press coverage, social media interest and the sales figures have been better than we expected, despite our already high expectations. Everyone seems to love the store and as a result of its success we are looking to expand not only the exclusive products but also some of the design elements within it and take these to other stores in our international portfolio.

Lush Oxford Street

“There’s a huge amount of pride in being able to see the project through from start to finish, it came with its challenges but it was a great learning curve and I worked with an amazing team. We’re all extremely pleased with the outcome.”

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