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Based in Ulverston, Cumbria, Marl International has been adapting leading LED technology for more than 40 years. Offering customers excellent in-house design and manufacturing services, the company has access to some of the best solid state lighting and electronics technology in the world.
Marl employs 120 staff and comprises a Marl Design & Development Team consisting of seven highly qualified multi-disciplinary engineers with a broad range of experience and expertise in optoelectronic, hardware, software and mechanical design.

Marl International is able to support any custom design specific enquiry ranging from LED lighting systems, on-board intelligent driver control and electronic circuit design, to hardware and software development. Since their inception the firm has worked across a number of industries ranging from defence, auto and industrial to commercial, off-shore and of course the rail sector.

Working within these sectors, the firm offers specific LED-based design as well as general electronics design, consultancy, rapid prototyping, PCB assembly and end-product manufacturing and assembly. At their site in Ulverston the Marl team has molding facilities, CNC machining centre, workshops, dark room, electronic labs, state-of-the art SMT lines and opto-electrical test equipment. These state of the art facilities enable Marl to remain highly regarded in the LED lighting industry.

Marl’s range of design, prototyping and manufacturing services include LED Specific design, custom electronic and software design, rapid-prototype sample requests and development, 3x Automated high-speed SMT assembly lines, Opto-electrical Test Equipment and Dark Room Facility, Environmentally controlled electronic storage, CNC Machining Centre, milling, turning and lathes, Final build and Assembly, Automated Test and Inspection and Quality Control System to ISO 9001.

Originally the company distributed medical equipment and manufactured safety systems for the chemical industry. During the 1970s Marl International began to design and manufacture LED systems and by the 1980s this became the core focus of the business.
The 1990s saw LED technology gain massive investment thanks to huge research programmes in Europe, the USA, Japan and the rest of the Far East. One of the most significant market breakthroughs for Marl was securing Eastman Kodak as a customer which eventually led to Marl supplying their dark room lighting requirements for the manufacturing plants on a global basis.

By 1999, the company had increased its employees to over 100 and opened an office in Nevada, USA. 2001 saw Marl embark upon another re-location within Ulverston and moved to an existing site to create Marl Business Park.

In 2006, during a rapid growth in the LED lighting market, CreativeArc was launched to specialise in architectural LED lighting solutions. Optosign’s products were also incorporated into the CreativeArc brand. In 2007, Marl Opto Inc was formed as part of the company’s expansion in the USA.
Today Marl continues to excel in the LED lighting industry employing a team of skilled, expert staff and undertaking projects across the world. For more information, please visit:

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