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Hola, Primark!

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Hola, Primark!


A new flagship Primark store has opened in Madrid.

Primark, one of the largest clothing retailers in Europe have launched a brand new flagship store in Madrid, in a unique octagonal shape. The store is the 41st in Spain.

Primark offers customers quality, up-to-the-minute designs at value for money prices. The company has 293 stores across Europe and employs over 62,000 people, stocking a diverse range of products, including everything from new born and kids clothing, to womenswear, menswear, home ware, accessories, footwear, beauty products and confectionery.

The project comprises a redevelopment of the former Almacenes Madrid-Paris, which first opened in 1924 with the aim of bringing the popular French grands-magasins to Spanish society. The new Primark store is representative of its heritage, drawing on the creative, expressive spirit of the Spanish capital.

The historic building presented an exciting opportunity for creative agency Dalziel & Pow to create a unique concept for Primark. It has been sensitively restored using traditional techniques and materials, such as horsehair plaster and references to Moorish pattern and tiling. From the grand statements to the smallest details, Primark Madrid merges historic architecture and contemporary design to create the ultimate flagship experience.
Based on the concept of an urban sanctuary, the space is a retreat from the bustling Gran Via shopping street, where pioneering digital design meets bespoke art installation in this 133,000sqft store, which breathes new life into one of Madrid’s most iconic buildings.


The store comprises five floors, stocking fashion items for women, men, children and homes. Natural light pours into much of the retail space via the atrium and windows, bringing calm into the space while seating and recharging areas give customers the opportunity to take a break. The ground floor plays home to a trend room, which showcases the latest looks and allows customers to give them a go.

The intention for the digital element was to enrich the setting and present moving image in an innovative way, enhancing the customer experience.
Andrew Piepenstock, Associate Design Director, Interiors at Dalziel & Pow said:
“We created 11 interconnected transparent screens along with a wealth of bespoke content and audio that plays around the octagonal atrium.”
Transparent LED screens allow both product and architecture to be viewed through the digital displays for a multi-layered, 3D effect.
Andrew added:
“The technology is engaging, unexpected and truly appropriate. This is retail theatre at its best.”

From a fantasy forest to a fashion show, visitors to the Gran Via store are immediately presented with an unexpected stream of transitional content, which interacts dynamically with the surrounding architecture for a surreal, holographic effect.

Bringing an expressive, eclectic and local feel to the store, Dalziel & Pow worked in conjunction and collaboration with O’Shea Moro to commission a series of diverse Madrid-based artists to create illustrations, sculpture, large-scale typographic treatments and installations to the architecture of the building. From street art to an installation of coloured paper origami, the work is inspired by the breadth and creativity of Madrid to bring elements of surprise throughout the store.

Andrew said:
“We conceived and developed this multi-faceted store partnered with leading industry specialists to help deliver it. It is a bold, brave and unprecedented move not just for Primark, but for the sector at large, helping to support the entire regeneration of the Gran Via shopping area.”
The design scheme follows Primark’s usual style, comprising geometric shapes and bold pops of colour as well as the uniform black, white and blue shades. Dalziel & Pow used large scale typographic treatments and large scale translucent LED audio-visual panels. The five floor outlet is home to 131 cash registers, 19 changing rooms and 573 employees.


Vision On Design designed a number of angled light boxes for the escalator walls and cash registers.

Matt, Creative Director at Vision On Design, said:
“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Dalziel & Pow on a number of projects to date and Madrid was both challenging and very rewarding. It was a great opportunity to get involved with Primark again and to be asked to design something truly unique, such as the impactful angled escalator wall lightboxes. It’s demonstrated what can be achieve by working in partnership.”

The atrium has a monumental central staircase which was reconstructed with curved, etched glass which replicates the iron balustrades which the building used to have. The moldings of the atrium were also restored to match the original design as seen in images.

The new Primark Madrid flagship comes following the emersion of Spain from the ongoing recession and is becoming increasingly appealing to price conscious shoppers. Spain is Primark’s second biggest market following the UK, taking on competitors Zara and H&M in cities leading shopping areas. Primark Madrid is the chains second biggest store, following Manchester which takes the top spot.

The store, which opened in October of 2015 is the first Spanish Primark to be located in a city centre. The brand is said to be focussing on opening premises in central urban areas as opposed to in large shopping centres on the outskirts. Plans are in place to take the brand to Italy this year.

For more information on the new flagship, to see what’s in store or to upload your Primania looks, please visit:

IC Construction

IC Construction provide interior construction services for highly recognised international retail and luxury brands in Spain, France, Portugal and Belgium.

Previous works include the first Apple Store in Spain, the largest Desigual in the world, flagship stores for Massimo Dutti and Nike, boutiques for Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors and works for renowned Spanish hospitals IC Construction has delivered the highest number of projects for Primark in Spain since the first opening in 2006.

Regarding works on Primark Madrid, Alberto Miró General Manager of IC Construction said:
“The interior work which we performed was executed on the historic building with great care, paying special attention to the restoration of the unit’s traditional commercial essence.”

Alberto added:
“Above anything, we pride ourselves on the involvement and commitment of the team to reach the clients objectives in terms of quality, timeframes and costs. We take pride in being the reference for retail interior construction services in Spain, and the leading group in our sector, accompanying some of the most recognised international brands in their expansion for the last 30 years.”


SEVIMAGEN is the corporate image products factory of Group Elsamex, specialising in designing, manufacturing and installing branding or corporate image elements for clients and sectors which consider their brand to be a market asset, or which work to fulfil that goal.

The establishment has worked on a number of projects, including PRIMARK, Madrid. Inmaculada Quintana, General Manager at SEVIMAGEN, spoke to Premier Retail to discuss the company and its contributions to the developments on PRIMARK Madrid. Inmaculada commented:
“Given the relevance of corporate image for this store, we have been involved in each and every stage of the process, starting from the design. We need to bear in mind the fact that this store has been innovative in several aspects of its image, and thus there has had to be a smooth communication between the design and the manufacturing teams in order to create a corporate image as special and as spectacular as this one.
“For us, our client, PRIMARK, comes first. Considering also the fact that the store in Gran Via is a PRIMARK flagship store, we have put all our efforts and resources into this project from the very first moment so as to obtain a great result.
“It has been a real challenge for us to participate in the creation of so many innovative elements for an iconic building in Madrid which has been turned by PRIMARK into the biggest one-brand store in Spain.”

Inmaculada added:
“We are proud to have been part of this important project.”

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