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Chicago Pneumatic tools in bespoke PAM carrier system

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Robust and efficient breaking and drilling tools from Chicago Pneumatic are playing an integral role in the PAM (Positioner-Activator-Manipulator) carrier system. The system is used by Colas, a world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, for breaking out concrete on vertical and overhead applications on concrete structures, prior to carrying out concrete repairs.

The bespoke assembly, featuring a Chicago Pneumatic CP4611 rivet buster and CP0022 rock drill, is firmly secured to an air-over-hydraulic powered two-piece arm that reduces or isolates vibrations, depending on the model of air tool, thus providing tough and reliable tools that allow for longer operation times.

As Peter Bennett, director of STM Ltd, UK distributor for the PAM carrier system produced in Canada by RNP Industries, explains:

“The traditional approach to concrete repairs and removal is with hand-held electric breakers and chipping tools, but because of the high level of hand/arm vibration the tools can only be operated for a short period of time, thus limiting productivity and increasing the manpower requirement. With the PAM system there are no such limitations. Typical vibration levels are just 2.5 to 2.7m/s2.

“We fit Chicago Pneumatic Tools as standard, as in my experience they are the most powerful and well-engineered in their class. Added to this, there was the advantage of Chicago Pneumatic’s sales and service operation being located so near to our own. The benefit of this proximity was realised in the close collaboration of all parties and clear lines of communication on the project” said Peter Bennett.

Bennett confirmed that Colas’ conventional approach to this type of project would be to employ hydro-demolition techniques but the introduction of the PAM system has now given them the option to utilise existing air tools thought to be redundant because of HAV issues.

Chicago Pneumatic’s CP4611 rivet buster, originally designed for removing rivets and other metal applications, is now being used as part of the PAM system for concrete demolition and bridge work, offering the same hitting power as a 60lb (30kg) breaker but at only half the weight. The rivet buster combines a special Boyer valve and long piston stroke to deliver maximum power plus a teasing throttle for precise control. Air consumption is rated at 21l/s and the unit delivers 720 blows per minute.

The CP0022 pneumatic sinker drill is designed primarily for drilling down vertically but when mounted on the PAM carrier allows operators to drill horizontally into walls and overhead in tunnels.

Offering the best power to weight ratio in its class, the drill’s robust construction incorporates a side exhaust and a ‘flat back’ designed for easy handling in a variety of demanding applications. The drill also provides a main valve and cylinder porting concept that helps maintain constant drilling speed throughout a long service life that is constantly protected with an effective lubrication system.

STM later confirmed that following on from this development, other working tools from the CP range, including the CP0009 versatile rotary hammer will be offered as a standard option with sales or hire of PAM carrier systems.

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